The M.S. degree in Family Ministry prepares students for ministry to families. An increasing phenomenon in the contemporary church is the development of the "Family Ministry" position. This trend corresponds with increasing pressure on the American family. To meet the need of training ministers for this challenge, the Department of Biblical Studies has teamed up with our Department of Behavioral Sciences to create a forty-eight hour degree that draws from our Family Life Education and Ministry courses to create this cutting-edge new program.

Master of Science in Family Ministry Degree Plan (48 total hours)

Master of Science in Family Ministry Degree Plan (48 total hours)
BIB 6300 Introduction to Graduate Studies
BIB 6 hours
REL 6333 Ethics
REL 6334 Christian History and Theology 1
HSC 6301 Family Life Education
HSC 6310 Social Development of Individuals and Families
HSC 6315 Parent Education
HSC 6322 Human Sexuality
HSC 6324 Family Resource Management
HSC 6332 Helping Professions and Public Policy
HSC 6333 Ethics in Helping Professions
MIN 6301 Family Ministry
MIN 6304 Church Leadership
MIN 6323 Family Systems
MIN 6390 Practicum in Family Ministry
MIN 6062 Comprehensive Examination

The HSC courses are required for certification as a Family Life Educator through the National Council on Family Relations.