If you are busy juggling multiple responsibilities and still need to finish a degree, Flex College is designed for you. Since we know you have to balance work, family, and school, we want to make classes as convenient as possible.

Types of Flex Courses

  • Traditional Classes: Courses offered between 8:00 and 5:00 that meet for at least 40 hours a semester.
  • Blended Classes: Courses offered during the day, evening, and on weekends with part of the content online and part of the content offered in the classroom.
  • Online Classes: Courses offered completely via the internet.

You can mix and match course times and formats to meet your needs.

Programs Available in Our Flex College

Undergraduate Online Degrees:

School of Business

Graduate Online Degrees:

Behavioral Sciences


Hybrid degrees that can be completed partially online are available through the Graduate Bible Department, Graduate School of Education, and the Graduate Nursing Department.

Nursing Department: contact Patti Venegas
Bible Department: contact Donna Taylor
Graduate Education: contact Judy Corbin