Definition of an Abstract

A research abstract is a brief summary of the research project. Usually, the abstract includes a problem statement, a methodology, results of the study, and a conclusion. Separately, a bibliography provides the sources used for your literature review.

Abstracts are required for both posters and presentations. To request funding to attend a state or national conference, you must apply through the LCU's Office of Undergraduate Research.

How to Write a Research Abstract

Submit a formal abstract (300 words maximum) formatted according to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research guidelines, which can be found at the CUR website or in the format required by the professional meeting the student desires to attend.

All applications will be evaluated by members of the multidisciplinary Advisory Committee for Undergraduate Research. Applications will be evaluated based on the following scoring criteria.

How To Prepare an Oral Research Presentation 

Submission Information

The abstract summarizes your work. The abstract will represent the research done to the committees who will be deciding on the acceptance of the project for presentation. Be sure to check on the requirements of the conference or organization to which the work will be submitted. Meeting these guidelines is often a deciding factor as to whether or not the abstract is accepted. The faculty mentor will be helpful in evaluating the student’s finished product. Websites for some of these conferences are listed on the homepage of the Office for Undergraduate Research.

Please submit an electronic version of your abstract to Barbara Slate. All abstracts will then be evaluated by the Council for Undergraduate Research for evaluation. You will be notified regarding acceptance of your work for submission to a national conference such as the NCUR.

  1. Significance of Research: How significant is the overall impact of the results/conclusions? How does the project contribute to overall scholarship?
  2. Project Maturity: Is the project sufficiently mature to have results/conclusions? Is the paper or poster completed? Have you attached it or a picture of it to this abstract?
  3. Clarity of the Project Description: How well does the student use written communication to describe the project in the required abstract? This evaluation will also include organization and grammar.

2016 Submission Deadline for Consideration: November 1, 2016

* New York University