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Current Projects (2016-2017)

Chrissy Bass
The Diplomatic Marriage Negotiations of Queen Elizabeth I

Journee Cotton
Technological and Social Influences on the Development of the Piano

Alyssa Davis
Animal Fungal Diseases and Climate Cycles

Teagan Duran/Connir Simmons/Kaylee Pickett
Sythesizing Novel 1,7-Phenanthroline and 4,7 Phenanthroline

Teagan Duran/Grace Matei
Non-Caloric Sweeteners and Sugars on Digestive Tract Microflora

Kayla Emerson
Fluid Extraction Methods – Oxidized and Unoxidized camellia sinensis Leaves

Sarah Fantinel
Early Britain and the Sea

Caleb Hendrix
Rhetoric of Technological Progress in Pre-WWI Ads

Roger Jacob
“Looping” in the Flipped Organic Chemistry Classroom

Cristi Kenney
EBP for Chest Tube Dressings – Integrated Research Review

Libby Kirkpatrick
The Arts and Immigration

Daniel Lockhart/Donald Mason
Deactivation of Aflatoxin B1 in Peanuts

Luke O’Steen
Bowenian Theory and Emotional Intelligence – Literature Comparison

Coleton Parks
The Legacy of William Marshall, England’s Greatest Knight

Aaron Peckham 
Hadrian’s Wall at the End of the Roman Empire

Michael Pugh
Medieval Perspectives on the Problem of Universals

Kathryn Pullano
The Portrayal of Women in Nike’s Ads

Claudia Sanchez/Katie Dunn
Local History in the Classroom – Lubbock and WWII

Lyndsey Slaughter
Mindset and Goal Orientation of High School Students

Blake Thornton
UR Practices in University Fisheries Programs

Tyler Woodall
Differentiation of Self and PTSD Symptomology

Mary Woody
Sucralose Metabolizing Microorganisms


Amariz Antillon
Marti and Bolivar: Pursuing Independence and Latin American Identity.
Faculty Mentor:  Abraham Mata.

Zacchary Badon and Jonathan Wynne
Changes in Cultural Engagement after Expansion of Theological Understanding.
Faculty Mentors:  Steve Bonner, JoAnn Long

Claire Bruffey and Brooke Pendergrass
Local History Project:  Lubbock and National Historical Events.
Faculty Mentor:  Sam Ayers 

Journee Cotton and Taylor Phillips
Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy
Faculty Mentor:  Kenneth Hawley

Amira Cunningham
Sor Juana: a proto-feminist in life, work, and death before her time
Faculty Mentor: Abraham Mata.

Teagan Duran
The Effects of Noncaloric Sweeteners and Dietary Sugars on Human Oral Flora.
Faculty Mentors:  Lucy Porter, Doug Swartz

Edward Kemei
Effectiveness of Bispectral Index Monitoring in Determining the Level of Sedation as Compared to Conventional Methods in Intensive Care Patients: An Integrative Research Review.
Faculty Mentor:  JoAnn Long

Ethan Fulton and Lizzy Woody
Observing he Effect of Sucralose on Algae Growth.
Faculty Mentors:  Lucy Porter, Doug Swartz

Hannah Harbin
The Intersection of Chemistry and Archeology:  Analysis of Fatty Acid Residue Extracted from Early Bronze Age Pottery Found at Khirbat Iskandar, Jordan.
Faculty Mentors:  Julie Marshall, Jesse Long

James Horton
Development of a Gas Chromatographic Method for the Identification and Quantification of Sucralose in Solution.
Faculty Mentor:  Julie Marshall

Christina Greer
Project TBA.
Faculty Mentor: Tim Byars

Sydney Kennedy and Katie Turnipseed
Qualified to be President:  Identifying the Best Candidate.
Faculty Mentor:  Sam Ayers

Grace Matei
The Effects of Noncaloric Sweeteners and Dietary Sugars on Intestinal Flora.
Faculty Mentors:  Lucy Porter, Doug Swartz

Natalie Ochoa
Effectiveness of Educational Interventions on the Prevention of Birth Complication in Women with Type 2 Diabetes: An Integrative Research Review.
Faculty Mentor: JoAnn Long

Cora Petersen
Alanine Scanning Mutagenesis of MsbA, a Bacterial ABC Transporter.
Faculty Mentor:  Doug Swartz 

Kasey Porr, Britni Cantu
Local History Project:  Lubbock and National Historical Events.
Faculty Mentor:  Sam Ayers

Kasey Porr
Personalized Professional Development: Getting the Hang of Assessment for Learning.
Faculty Mentor:  Cathy Box 

Michael Pugh and Benjamin Hettick
Representations of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in Film
Faculty Mentor:  Kenneth Hawley

Ashley Rojas
DNA Profiling of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Staphylococcus epidermidis in Wet and Dry Eye Makeup Applicators.
Faculty Mentors:  Julie Marshall, Lucy Porter

Connir Simmons
Isolation and Identification of Intestinal Microflora of Canada Geese.
Faculty Mentors:  Lucy Porter, Andy Laughlin

Lindsey Slaughter
Growth Mindset and Motivation to Learn.
Faculty Mentor:  Cathy Box

Jamie Stewart
Theological Perspectives of High School Students Cultivated While Exploring the Wisdom of the Stone Campbell Heritage within the Christian Tradition.
Faculty Mentors:  Steve Bonner, JoAnn Long

Ashley Van Meter
Comparison of DIT-2 Scores from High Schoolers in the Western Region to the National Norm.
Faculty Mentors:  Steve Bonner, JoAnn Long

Kylee Weeks
Prostitution and Sex Slavery During World War II.
Faculty Mentors:  Kregg Fehr, Michael Whitley, Keith Owen

Tyler Woodall 
Porn Use and Addiction:  The Female Experience.
Faculty Mentor:  Michael Hardin

Lizzy Woody and Ethan Fulton
Isolation of Sucralose Metabolizing Microorganisms from the Environment.
Faculty Mentors:  Lucy Porter, Doug Swartz