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Kristen Vander-Plas, Humanities Major

"NCUR 2013 was terrific, as always. I am such a fan of undergraduate research, and could never say enough how important it is for students to be given the opportunity to work on original research and present that work in a professional environment. This was my third consecutive NCUR presentation, and it was, yet again, extremely beneficial. My research attracted a large audience (approximately 75 people), and I received numerous compliments on the depth of the research and my presentation as a whole. I was approached by the editor of the Journal of Young Investigators, who asked me to submit my paper for publication in their journal. I plan to pursue that opportunity.

Additionally, I connected via social media with an NCUR 2014 Committee member, a professor from the University of Kentucky. He came by my presentation, and we talked for quite a while about my future plans. By the time our group left Wisconsin, he had asked me to consider attending NCUR 2014 as a graduate student committee member, helping the University of Kentucky Host Committee with social media and outreach during next year's conference. All in all, the trip was wildly successful. I'm only sorry I'm graduating and will be unable to present next year. That being said, I cannot overstate the importance of extending our Undergraduate Research Initiative. It is so beneficial to all participants and must continue."