Featured Student: Amanda Bloomer (2016)

Amanda Bloomer, from Lubbock, spent her first semester of college at Texas Tech University. She quickly transferred to Lubbock Christian University, and says that it “was the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Her favorite class, Organic Chemistry, has been known to give other students nightmares; still, Bloomer loved it. Dr. Boston’s knowledge and humor made the class for Bloomer.

Bloomer, a chemistry major, hopes to stay in Texas after graduation. She hopes to either work for an oil and gas company or teach high school chemistry. But, she adds, her dream job would consist of staying home and raising a family.

Dr. Patty, the director of the University Honors Program, is the feature of the Honors program that Bloomer loves the most. If you ask her, Bloomer will tell you how much he cares for every single honors student! If you ask Bloomer to pinpoint a favorite moment, though, the winner is the free bagels after honors chapel.

On campus she’s a third-year returning member of the singing group Best Friends. In Kappa Phi Kappa, a women’s social club, she was the 2013 Master Follies Director, and is the 2014 Banquet Director. Also, if you find yourself thinking about intramural sports, you should watch out! Bloomer is an avid intramurals participant.

What motivates this honors student is that, at the end of the day, she knows she has put forth her best effort in all of her classes. One fun fact about Bloomer is that she’s always dreamed about being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader …. “but I've never been a cheerleader.”

What sets Bloomer above the rest? “Amanda represents the LCU Honors Program as a member of Best Friends. Other than using her vocal talents, she also represents LCU by being a strong student. She excels in difficult chemistry courses and works at a local laboratory, Osteogenics Biomedical. She has a quiet confidence about her and is able to stand out among the crowd.” - Dr. Amanda Boston, Assistant Professor of Chemistry