Misty Davis

Originally from Whiteface, Texas, Davis chose LCU because she wanted a “more personal university with a good reputation.” It was a ChapDay that caused Davis to fall in love with LCU and its “fantastic atmosphere.”

A Pre-Physician Assistant major, Davis wants to become a Pediatrics Physician Assistant. She’s not sure where she’s going to attend graduate school, but she knows where she wants to go!

Dr. Patty, the director of the Honors program, is a favorite part of Davis’ experience in the LCU Honors program. Her favorite class so far has been “Vocation and Life” with Dr. Patty. “This class taught me to think through things. It taught me to read into the stories of the Bible and try to understand how it relates to my life rather than the traditional meaning behind it. It really helped me develop a more personal relationship with the Bible and learn how to analyze things more. It also allowed me to see different sides of the idea of “vocation” and how it can vary from person to person. And also, Dr. Patty is too smart for his own good and so having him discuss with us philosophy and different perspectives was not only enlightening, but also very entertaining. He’s a great professor.” The Honors Chapels also hold a special place in her heart. The intimate opportunities to get together helps instill a feeling of connection and inclusion.

The support Davis receives from her family is one of the major driving forces in her life, and that’s what gives her the confidence to believe she can accomplish a great deal.

“I love the adventure that comes with new knowledge and different journeys that your education or career can take you. It’s a thrill and so what drives me is knowing that whatever adventure I want to go on next, wherever I want to study (even if it seems beyond my reach) I will be fully supported and no matter what happens along the way, a lesson will be learned. If I fail, it is not the end of the world. I will have a new story to tell and the wisdom that comes with it.”

Davis is involved on campus in the Honors program and the Pre-Health Professionals Club.

A fun fact about Davis is that she and her horse Bucky are Rodeo partners! She loves animals, and both her horse and her dog, Charlie Mae, are major parts of her life.

"I have only known Misty for a few months. She contacted me this summer to ask if she could take organic chemistry as an online/self-study course while she is studying abroad at Oxford this semester (Fall 2014). I told her the truth, it would be very hard, but I’d let her try. Fast forward to today, she has been proactive and diligent in keeping up with the coursework. I have been very impressed with her motivation. She is a standout Honors student." - Dr. Amanda Boston, Assistant Professor of Chemistry