Lubbock Christian University
Reconciling Divine Justice and Mercy-Theological Discourse in a Secular Age

Moser Ministry Conference 2019

October 6-7, 2019

So many of our young people lose their faith when they are exposed to a secular, superficial misrepresentation of God. “How can you as an intelligent  person believe in a god who commands the genocide of people groups and  uses violence in ways that are unjust?”This conference will help you:

  • Provide direction for those who are wrestling with this distorted image of God
  • Give ministry majors and church leaders direction on how to address the apparent tension between the justice and mercy of God (and related issues)
  • Model good theology and use of scripture as we seek to better understand God and what he has done in Jesus, and as we wrestle with how to represent him and live out his mission in a secular world.

Featured Speakers

Jeff Childers

Jeff Childers hails from California but has lived in Abilene, Texas for over twenty years, teaching Bible, Christian history, and languages at Abilene Christian University. He received his doctorate at the University of Oxford, specializing in Syriac and early Aramaic Christianity. Jeff's recent accomplishments include surviving as High School Huddle leader in his home congregation. Jeff is married to Linda and they have three children. Jeff's recent publications include articles about “Baptism and Children” in a book on children’s ministry, Along the Way: Conversations about Children and Faith (2015), a translation and study of the table meditations of a fifth-century preacher, Jacob of Sarug’s Homilies on Praise at Table (2016), and a book he coedited on race and religion, Slavery’s Long Shadow: Race and Reconciliation in American Christianity (2019).

Michael Martin

Michael Wade Martin is a native Texan and graduate of Baylor University. As a Professor of New Testament at LCU, he teaches regular courses in the Gospel according to Mark and Romans. His specialization is in rhetorical and literary approaches to the New Testament. His most recent books are, with Jason Whitlark, Inventing Hebrews: Design and Purpose in Ancient Rhetoric, and with Mikeal Parsons, Ancient Rhetoric and the New Testament: The Influence of Ancient Rhetoric.

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