Dr. Abraham Mata began working at LCU because of what he calls its “vibrant Christian identity.”

“Regardless of who you are or where you come from, if you visit LCU you will discover a community that not only excels academically but also continuously prays, encourages, and cares for others,” said Mata. “I love that at LCU everyone has the opportunity to blend faith and learning. As a professor, I strive to help my students both professionally and spiritually, which is why I find working at LCU so rewarding.”

Mata has obtained a B.A. in Spanish Literature, an M. Sc. in Spanish Literature, and a Ph.D. in Spanish. In his spare time, he draws, paints, swims, scuba-dives, repairs broken objects, and studies 17th century colonial sermons in Spanish and Portuguese. For a fun fact, Mata’s Turkish Van show cat won the national titles of Best of Breed and Grand Champion in 2005.

Mata’s household encourages multilingualism where he and his wife – who speaks five languages herself – read to their toddler in three different languages. Mata has taught language at several universities in Mexico, Spain, and the U.S., but he feels LCU has more to offer than academic excellence alone.

“LCU’s Christ-centered mission challenges students and professors to excel not just academically or professionally. It challenges all of us to transform our lives so we can bless others as well, which is why I love working here,” Mata said.

Mata adds that potential students should consider Spanish Education since it provides exceptional future job prospects and practical language tools that will aid them in a variety of careers:

“Boasting more than 500 million speakers in over 36 countries, the Spanish language shapes major decisions around the world every day. In the U.S. alone, the government estimates that 30% of the population will be Hispanic by 2050, making Español particularly relevant in the field of education. Furthermore, Spanish Educators are currently in high demand, a trend which is only expected to grow.”