Alvin Mainah is a Music Education major from Nairobi, Kenya. After 10 years of living in Africa, his parents decided they wanted a better education for their children and moved the Mainah family to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Alvin’s passion for music led him to join the symphonic band when he attended LCU in the fall of 2012. There his relationship with his band director, Mr. Andrew Babcock, turned into a mentorship that opened up more possibilities than Alvin thought possible. By involving himself with the symphonic and jazz bands, Alvin was given the chance to play the euphonium, drums, and trombone.

Mr. Babcock encouraged Alvin to arrange the music for the social club, Sub-T 16’s, Master Follies show and even helped him lay the foundations of his own sound recording studio, “Sounds of Africa.” The way Mr. Babcock conducted his classes and encouraged his students inspired Alvin to become a Music Education major. Alvin says he hopes to one day teach music theory at LCU.

Alvin’s first year experience at LCU made him want to find ways to serve on campus. He was selected to be a counselor for LCU’s camp, Encounter, and to be a Residential Assistant at Johnson Hall for the 2013-2014 school year. In a private interview, Alvin explained his LCU experience.

“LCU is not a college, this is a life experience. The Christian environment is a huge aspect, there are so many good people to aspire to be like,” expressed Alvin. “When you go home and your parents say, ‘Wow, there’s a change in my son or in my daughter,’ that’s really LCU. It’s a college, yeah, but it’s also an experience.  It’s coming to school — you learn, you stay focused, you make lifelong friends, you do activities you never thought you would do back home. You get out of your comfort zone, and it’s so good. That’s the possibility here.”