Music is a listening experience for most, but for Andrew Babcock, Director of Bands at Lubbock Christian University, music is more like a multicolor 3D puzzle.

Inspired by his own middle school band director, Babcock has known he wanted to be a band director since the 8th grade He started on the trumpet and gradually experimented with most of the brass instruments throughout his high school career. Babcock wanted to attend LCU after graduating high school, but the lack of a band program meant he had to attend another university to fulfill his Bachelor of Music with Education degree. In 2009 Babcock heard LCU was looking to start a band program and he immediately applied for the position, which he soon received.

Babcock said it may have taken him 13 years to get to LCU, but it was worth the wait. Babcock’s favorite thing about LCU is working with the students.

Even though he’s worked with students at other universities, Babcock said the students at LCU are unique and stand apart. According to Babcock, God has had his hand on LCU and the people who are interacting within it.

“There are very few professors who get to work with students from multiple disciplines that choose to be in your class. The band is a representation of the LCU culture,” Babcock said, “It is exciting to hear about how God blesses the campus from students first hand. We get to praise the Creator with the talents He gave us by playing some incredible music. There aren’t many people that get the privilege of doing what I do.”

Babcock’s passion for music is like a multicolor 3D puzzle because there are an infinite number of methods to put a work together, and there are many audible “views” by which it can be identified.