Most teens spend their high school years dreaming of graduation and attending college once they turn 18, but, for LCU pre-nursing/pre-med major Bonnie Njafuh, college began earlier than expected. Bonnie was only 15-years-old when she moved to Lubbock from Cameroon and enrolled as a freshman at LCU.

Bonnie’s father studied engineering at Texas Tech University, and intended for her to be a Red Raider. However, God had other plans. Bonnie was afraid of crowds and had a family member attending LCU at the time, so LCU became a better choice. 

“LCU being a Christian college made it easier for me to say, ‘yes,’” Bonnie said. 

While moving to a new country was a new experience, this wasn’t the first time she had lived away from home. Bonnie attended a boarding school from middle school through part of high school, but she said that this move to the United States brought on a mix of emotions.

“It was quite a challenge knowing that I was going to an entirely different continent with different values and culture. I was scared, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, sad, happy…everything,” said Bonnie. 

Since attending LCU, Bonnie has developed lasting relationships with fellow students, faculty, and staff. She credits lecturer Shenai Alonge as being one of the very first LCU faculty members who helped her tremendously.

“She is still one of my favorites. Every time I see her, I remember how I started here and how I will make it through just because she believes in me,” said Bonnie.

Several other faculty and staff members have touched Bonnie’s life in various ways, such as the ladies of the CAA throwing Bonnie a birthday party. Bonnie said that several of the ladies on campus have stayed close by her side and have been a great source of encouragement. 

Bonnie, who is now 17-years-old and completing her junior year at LCU, hopes to attend medical school once she graduates, though she would like to work as a nurse for a few years and assist with outreach programs overseas before continuing her education.

When asked what she loves most about LCU, Bonnie said, “Jesus is put at the center of everything. There might be flaws here and there as an institution, but the fact that God is recognized and put before everything makes me really grateful.”