Cade Powell helps patients and learns from professionals in Peru


Finding His LCU Story

When Cade Powell first stepped onto LCU’s campus in 2008 for Encounter summer camp, he had no idea how much that experience would shape his future. Looking back, he now realizes that’s where his personal story at LCU began.

As a freshman in high school, Powell didn’t really know what he wanted to do with his life, nor where he wanted to go to college. However, his own sports career, combined with a few interesting courses helped him find his passion for sports medicine.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do until my senior year of high school,” he said. “I took Anatomy and Physiology and absolutely loved it, and I just combined that with my love of sports.”

Of course, finding what you want to study is only half of the battle; the other half is deciding where to go. Luckily for Powell, he had some outside assistance on that decision.

“When I came to Encounter as a camper, I didn’t really have any experience with how to apply to college, and I had a counselor who went to church with me. One day, she just handed me an application and told me to fill it out,” Powell explained. “I knew from Encounter that I loved the people here, and that really helped me fall in love with this place.”

Acceptance letter in hand and major chosen, Powell was all set to start in the fall of 2013, beginning the next chapter of his story. 



Powell takes selfies with kids in Peru
Cade Powell helps patients and learns from professionals in Peru

Cade’s Three Big Moments

While there have been many big moments in Powell’s time at LCU, he narrowed it down to three highlights:

  • Meeting his future wife.

Powell explained that he and his girlfriend, Chastin Jackson, met at LCU’s Camp Champion. The summer after he completed his first year at LCU, Powell made the decision to give back to the camps that had brought him to this campus by serving as a counselor. Chastin was there in the role of a sponsor. They began dating and never looked back.

  • The night students gathered at the fountain to pray for Malori.

As an athletic trainer and ESS major, Powell also has worked extensively with the different athletic programs on campus. That opportunity placed him in the middle of one of the biggest collective moments for the LCU community in the fall of 2015, when volleyball player Malori Maddox had to undergo emergency lifesaving surgery following a brain bleed during a match. Like many others, the way the community bonded together and prayerfully supported the Maddox family had a profound impact on Powell.

“Seeing how faithful God was, and seeing all these people came together to pray was incredible,” he said. “I’ve never felt so helpless, but full at the same time.”

  • Being a part of the National Championship team.

As powerful as Powell’s experience seeing the community’s response to Malori was, his junior year at LCU held more personal steps of his journey, this time in the form of journeying with the Lady Chaps basketball team on their way to an NCAA Division II national championship.

“It was so much fun to be there,” he recalled, explaining that the trainer who had been working with the team in the fall had transferred. Between semesters, Powell was asked to step into that position.  

“At that time, of course, we didn’t know that they were going to win a national championship,” he laughed. 

Powell recalled that there were some long nights over the course of the season.  “I remember being up at 3 and 4 in the morning doing homework and then waking up at 8 to go to practice.  I even wrote an essay on the way back from the Elite 8 in South Dakota.”

When asked, however, Powell said that he wouldn’t trade it for the world.  “It was such a great experience, building friendships with the team and coaches.  And as far as winning the championship, we will have that memory forever.”

Of course, as he will continue to work with the team during this next season, the potential for more of those experiences remains.

In Future Chapters

After Powell graduates in the spring of 2017, he plans to continue his education at Texas Tech in graduate school, hoping to achieve certification to practice sports medicine at either the high school or collegiate level. 

As he reflected on his time at LCU, Powell said, “Although I’m not particularly great at any one thing, God has used me, taught me, and helped me to grow through my time at LCU. It’s a place to belong, and you will be loved here. Having professors who will pray over you and friends who will hold you accountable and love you—LCU is simply a great place. I wouldn’t be the person I am now, if not for my time here."