Calder Hendrickson

LCU alumnus and 2015 Forbes Magazine 30-Under-30 member, Calder Hendrickson, came to LCU with dreams of pursuing a career in baseball, but his plans soon changed after he graduated in 2008.

After obtaining his degree in Youth and Family Ministry, the Colorado native met an older gentleman at the Lubbock Country Club who would soon change his career path.

While playing nine holes of golf, the two men began discussing industries. The next week, Hendrickson was invited to his golf partner’s office and was introduced to a product that made water last longer. The product instantly captured Hendrickson’s interest.

“Having a baseball background, my whole mindset went to sports fields,” Hendrickson said.

Hendrickson soon took the technology to the groundskeeper of the Oakland Raiders. From there, the product was introduced to the groundskeepers of the New York Yankees and the Colorado Rockies. The three liked the idea and prompted Hendrickson to buy the product.

After building a business plan, Hendrickson bought the patent to the product and AquaSmart was born.

“Since then, the Lord has opened up amazing doors,’ Hendrickson said.

Hendrickson and his team have gone from sports fields to working with one of the largest agriculture companies in Switzerland in regard to humanitarian effort. The company also provides products for markets in industries such as oil and gas, lawn and garden, and concrete.

AquaSmart’s success also landed Hendrickson a spot on the 2015 Forbes Magazine 30-Under-30 list in the energy category, which he calls a “God thing.”

“There’s really no other explanation other than the Lord has opened another opportunity,” said Hendrickson.

The company currently has seven employees and the manufacturing plant is located in Lubbock. Hendrickson hopes to license the company and open manufacturing in other areas once the company fully enters other markets.

Hendrickson’s wife, Ceri, graduated with an agriculture degree from LCU in 2007. She works alongside Calder in the company. The two alumni have a daughter, two and a half year old Celah, and a son, seven month old Case.