LCU alumna Hannah Dean has flourished both in the art world and the academic world since graduating from Lubbock Christian University with a Bachelor of Art Education degree in 2009. She completed her Masters of Arts in Education at Texas Tech University in 2011 and is in the third year of her Masters of Fine Arts degree at Texas Tech.

Hannah has been featured in art publications and exhibitions including Saatchi Art, The Rising Eyes of Texas, and is a finalist for the Hunting Art Prize 2014. She was also featured in the New American Paintings MFA Annual, a very highly juried exhibition in print.

When asked what inspires her art, Hannah said, “I look a lot at the cannon of art history, which has a lot of white European male artists. I’m taking this painted history to talk about [the] class systems [that] it was so in bed with. I use that to talk about contemporary issues of stratification of wealth, gender roles, and things like that.”

In February of 2015, Hannah began the process of creating “The Bowerbird,” an online art review and journal. She said that the journal began as part of a graduate professional development project for a drawing class, but soon realized the demand for something like “The Bowerbird.”

“There’s kind of a gaping hole in the Panhandle and West Texas as far as writers about art. Contemporary art is one of those defining things for guiding an art scene,” Hannah said.

“The Bowerbird” has since experienced growth with Hannah employing the writing abilities of many people in her network, including LCU Associate Professor of Art Education and Assistant Dean for the Hancock College of Liberal Arts, Dr. Michelle Kraft.

Hannah also shared that she arrived at LCU with the intention of becoming a math teacher. However, it was during a painting class she took with Dr. Kraft in her sophomore year, that she decided art was the path she wanted to follow. 

“I’m always going to be grateful for LCU being the thing that turned me on towards being a painter. Also, LCU is what really prepared me in a lot of professional ways, through the education program, to be in leadership and servant roles alike,” Hannah said.

When asked about the future of her career, Hannah said she hopes all roads lead back to LCU, “I will continue to build on my ‘practicing artist’ career, and continue “The Bowerbird” publication. We are working on getting our writers paid, seeing as they are doing all this amazing work for free right now.  The end goal is to keep developing my studio practice, making and showing work.  I'd also love to be hired full time at LCU, to help start a BFA program there. Teaching studio courses is a passion of mine.”

Until then, Hannah will return to LCU in the fall of 2015 to teach two art classes, ART 1305.01 2D Design and ART 1303.02 Drawing I.