Junior Joshua Dansby is double majoring in communication, with an emphasis in mass media, and digital media arts. Initially, he came to LCU because several of his siblings had attended and because, with scholarship, he could afford it.

Because of his double major, Dansby anticipates being at LCU for five years instead of the typical four. He also plans to do two internships – one for each major – and would enjoy interning at Pixar or in Washington, D.C. through the LCU Washington program.

“I’m liking the idea of staying, because I can get more experience,” Dansby said. “It’s awesome. I love LCU. I was excited to get out of high school and move to the next stage of my life, and it has just been awesome.”

Dansby is driven to creativity, which is evident in both his personality and his involvement around campus.

“I use movie quotes in random conversation,” Dansby said, laughing. “Everything people say either reminds me of a song or a movie. Sometimes, I even do impersonations.”

During his time attending LCU, Dansby has joined the men of Kyodai, has worked in technical support with LCU ChapDesk technology services, is a member of the band and jazz band, and has appeared in several theatrical productions. Dansby also enjoys participating in Blur and Master Follies, two of his favorite events on campus. In the future, Dansby hopes to join the Student Senate to help coordinate opportunities for other students on campus.

Currently, he serves as station manager for Chap Radio. In his position, he organizes student-run shows and keeps the music playing. He is actively trying to bring new features on the air: guests, speakers, and even live-music.

By staying involved, Josh Dansby aims to further the mission of LCU, purposefully working and serving in order to transform the hearts and minds of anyone he meets.