Kaley Lokey, a junior pre-nursing major, was accepted into Covenant School of Nursing (CSON) after the medical mission trip to Peru gave her the confidence she needed to pursue a future in nursing.

Several of Lokey’s friends persuaded her to apply at LCU. Kaley attended a small high school in Farmersville, Texas, so the personal atmosphere at LCU appealed to her. She was drawn to the science department in the hopes of getting a science education that included Christianity and spirituality.

“I came into school, a young freshman, and I knew I wanted to do some sort of science education. Then I learned more about the nursing program, and I got so excited,” Lokey said. “I like the program, I’m amazed by my professors. Everything is connected with Christ.”

But several things held Lokey back as she considered nursing as a vocation. She wasn’t sure that she was well-suited for a career in nursing, but she knew she wanted to serve. Lokey sought advice from her professors, who encouraged her to make purposeful decisions to explore her calling. They suggested the medical mission trip to Peru, where Lokey could work with health professionals and investigate nursing as a career.

After a few days in Peru, Lokey felt at peace with her decision to pursue nursing. She came home with confidence that she could succeed. Shortly afterward, she was accepted into CSON.

Lokey’s trip to Peru provided educational opportunities and practical experiences which ultimately guided her career choice. Kaley’s purposeful decision to explore her calling gave direction to her future education and career choice. LCU strives to allow other students many opportunities to do the same.

In addition to the Peru trip, LCU continually seeks global and local involvement opportunities for students, broadening their horizons for the future from their experiences at LCU.

(For more on Kaley Lokey’s story, see Reflections, Winter 2015.)