Kensey exploring D.C. and the Capitol

Kensey Johnson


Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing

Involvement on campus

After transferring to LCU my Sophomore year, I was a little reluctant to get involved with campus life. I wasn’t used to strangers being so upfront and kind. I remember my first week of classes involved a lot of hugging (and I am not a big hugger, so you could imagine my awkward reactions). I couldn’t figure out how complete strangers could be so welcoming.

After I recovered from PDA culture shock, I finally agreed to go to an Enactus meeting after countless invitations from the noted huggers. I fell in love with the concept right away: capitalism, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility all in ONE organization?! It’s safe to say that it was right up my alley.

During my first year in Enactus, I became the Marketing Director and started the, now annual, event Katwalk for Kenya, a themed student fashion show that raises awareness and donations for the organization Kenyans Widows and Orphans (KWO).

My second year, I was voted President and attempted to launch a student operated graphic design company, that would allow students in each operational department to gain “real world” experience. The operation is currently being run by Enactus, doing small scale design and apparel printing.

Enactus granted me the opportunity to gain further insight to the role of a leader, but most importantly, Enactus and its members became my closest friends during my time at LCU.”

Favorite thing about LCU

“Experiencing life on a large campus, with an average of 300 hundred students per class, it was easy to feel lost in the shuffle. This made me truly appreciate LCU’s intimate campus culture.

During my time at LCU, I certainly didn’t feel lost. May it be a professor, an advisor, or a fellow class mate, there was always someone that went out of their way to make me feel included. Attending LCU granted me an invaluable advantage, one that I feel you just can’t get attending a larger school. I was able to have the college experience and figure out who I was, what I stood for, and what I wanted for my life.”

Washington, D.C. experience

“I always knew that I wanted to be in a place of influence – in the heat of it, if you will. Since day one, I’ve had firm opinions: social, fiscal, you name it. While there is nothing I love more than having my views challenged, I love splitting hairs and discovering the true root of an issue.

After many heated classroom debates and layered political discussions with friends and professors, I decided that I should try my hand in Washington, D.C. About a week into my Congressional internship on the Hill, I realized that this is where I fit – this is where I could use my God-given potential to its fullest.

So after my first week, I decided to stay. My experience with LCU Washington did not necessarily alter my anticipated life trajectory, but allowed me the resources and the opportunities to pursue the one that I had always dreamed of. This spring, I hope to have accepted a full time position on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Correspondent, where I plan to work and gain experience while I prepare to apply to law schools in the D.C. area.”

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