When looking for a university, Kyle didn’t consider LCU until a family member told him to spend just one weekend at the campus. He showed up for a weekend, got to know some of the people at LCU, and within the weekend, Kyle realized LCU was the place he needed to be.

Kyle quickly found himself involved in many activities as a psychology major at LCU. After four years of hard academic research and conferences, Kyle was selected to present his research in the LCU Scholars Colloquium.

Kyle found himself involved in activities he never dreamed he would be doing, like theater. Students all over campus recognized Kyle for being the star in the musicals and for playing parts in Master Follies videos. Anyone who has seen Kyle on stage would be shocked to discover that he is actually introverted and had never participated in theater before attending LCU.

Knowing that Kyle has little experience in theater makes it astonishing that he was able to write a play and to recently have it produced on a Lubbock stage. When Kyle had the idea to write his grandparents story, he explored many options.

Being involved in theater, he decided telling their story in the form of a play would be the best option. With the encouragement from mentor and theater professor, Don Williams, Kyle not only wrote the play, he took it further by getting it published and then performed for a three weekend appearance on a Lubbock stage.

Kyle has always loved writing, though. In fact, he has been involved with LCU's online newspaper, The Duster, where he served as both a writer and editor.

When asked about his overall experience at LCU, Kyle said, “Virtually every department here on campus I’ve been able to step foot in and put my hands to work doing something. I don’t think if I were at any other campus in the world could I do that. This is a unique place for that reason.”