Bohanon at student awards ceremony with Dr. Laughlin

Markese Bohanon came to Lubbock from Okinawa, Japan, drawn to LCU by the academic and spiritual atmosphere.

When Bohanon first began planning for college, Texas Tech was his first choice. However, he’d attended a small Christian school in Japan, felt a transition to a school of Tech’s size would be too much. He also was looking for a more stable and Christian environment – he was looking for LCU.

With his siblings in San Antonio, and his parents still living in Japan, Bohanon said the faculty and staff of LCU took him under their wing his freshman year.

“I’ve never experienced such community. I’ve never experienced so many people who are so selfless and willing to self-sacrifice in order to make me feel comfortable and help me out,” Bohanon said.

This sense of family has gone beyond his freshman year. Bohanon calls LCU home. He credits his interaction with fellow students as key factors to helping him grow mentally and spiritually. He said he has been able to see Christ alive on campus.

Bohanon, an Honors student, was heavily involved through undergraduate research that took him to NCUR and the Scholar’s Colloquium. He also worked with Paisano and Flight Plan, as Resident Assistant at the Living Center, in the University Writing Center, and as president of the Minority Students Association (MSA).

As president of the MSA, one of Bohanon’s primary focuses was working hand in hand with Lubbock’s homeless outreach, Tent City. Bohanon worked with the MSA to provide meals for the homeless community and fellowship with them – which, for Bohanon, showed that LCU’s community reaches far beyond the campus.

Through his LCU experience Bohanon said his views on Christianity have changed. In Japan, Bohanon felt Christianity was limited to attending services on Wednesdays and Sundays. At LCU, Christianity is more.

“I realized that Christianity was far more than a Sunday, Wednesday thing. It’s every day, every moment, in every act that you do. It’s more than the place that you go and worship,” Bohanon said.

Bohanon plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Driven by his deep love for God, Bohanon believes that God has blessed him with many gifts and wants to use them to glorify Him.