For sophomore Michael Peschell and junior Cameron Insilan, auditions for the a cappella group Best Friends began both their college journeys and their close friendship. Best Friends had been a draw to LCU for both Peschell and Insilan, but neither were convinced they would get into the group of ten singers until after the audition process.

“It’s not an easy process. Not everyone makes it. And the audition process felt really long that year,” Insilan explained. “I was really worried about how Best Friends would work with my schedule. But I was encouraged to do it. So I did, and it’s been fantastic.”

“I was excited, happy, overwhelmed with joy,” Peschell said. “It was a very good feeling.”

Peschell and Insilan have a passion for making music, and particularly love the community within Best Friends. One of Insilan’s favorite parts of being involved with Best Friends is regularly touring to perform concerts. Insilan explained that, even when the group is tired from traveling, they are enjoyable to be around.

“It’s great to have that time in a car to talk to people and get to know them better. And they’re phenomenal singers,” Insilan said about his fellow Best Friends members. “Even when we’re just learning a song, the harmonies fit so well. It sounds so nice and is a wonderful feeling.”

Though Peschell and Insilan met at the Best Friends auditions, they bonded over dinner in the LCU cafeteria during the first few weeks of school. Conversation turned to quoting TV shows, and they realized they had a lot of interests in common. They began to hang out more, playing chess, tennis, and video games in their spare time.

Insilan is majoring in music education, while Peschell is pursuing a degree in math. Both Peschell and Insilan got involved in similar groups on campus. The two sing in a number of music groups, including Best Friends, Chamber Singers, and Praise Choir; they both rushed Sub T-16 social club, and joined the intramural volleyball team; and they have been involved in theatrical productions, including the fall musical, “The Boyfriend,” and the spring play, “Through My Eyes.” Insilan also plays in the band.

Peschell and Insilan credit LCU with their friendship, as well as the deep friendships they’ve forged with other students and the other members of Best Friends.

“Throughout the anxiety and stress over schoolwork, my friends have been there to support me. The friends that I’ve made at LCU have really helped shape who I am today,” Insilan said.

Peschell first heard about LCU at church in his hometown of North Richland Hills, Texas. Admissions counselors from LCU were recruiting students by offering free applications. Peschell filled out an application and started a dialogue with the admissions counselors. He first heard about Best Friends, and the various singing groups he could join when he came to tour the LCU campus.

“I was intrigued,” said Peschell. “I got to know more about LCU, the pros and cons and what I like about it. Then I got to know more people from LCU. Then Best Friends actually had a concert near my home church. I fell in love with it immediately. Everywhere I turned, LCU was there. So I came.”

Insilan encountered the LCU community before he even attended the campus. He’d already been seeking a Christian university, but LCU grabbed his attention at Mountain View Christian Camp. The summer after his senior year of high school, he had several counselors from LCU.

“I told them I didn’t know where to go or what to do,” Insilan recalled. “They told me that, whatever I decided, they’d be praying for me. That really connected with me, that LCU was a really good community. Then when I came, that turned out to be true. Everyone is really friendly, and connected. Everyone here loved on me, which made it an easy decision.”