This motorcycle riding communications professor brings real life experience to every class he teaches. Being a LCU alumnus, Professor Shawn Hughes doesn’t get more FOREVER BLUE than marrying his wife, Deana, on the CDC steps on the LCU campus, and having his wedding officiated by LCU legend, Dr. Don Williams.

The stories and experiences Hughes brings to the classroom weren’t easy to come by. After graduation he moved five times in one year, trying his hand at various career paths. From working the night shift of a radio program one summer, to being awarded the Chamber of Commerce Executive of the Year for the state of New Mexico, Shawn Hughes attained significant professional success over the years.

In his classroom, you will hear him talk about the challenges of revitalizing the Roswell Chamber of Commerce as their CEO. He will inspire you with his experience of opening his own advertising agency. His understanding of marketing from working as the marketing director for LCU in the late 90’s will assure you that what you’re being taught has been tried and tested. You will get hands-on experience from a professor with real life stories.

Now, recently back in Lubbock with his wife and two kids, Professor Hughes is completing his Ph.D. in Media Communications. He has been a key driver in the startup of an exciting mass media program at LCU, a program that is thriving thanks to his experience in the field.

As a professor, Mr. Hughes loves the level of quality at LCU.

“I love the level of excellence at LCU that I’ve been able to experience while I’m here. Also seeing that level of expertise and quality grow when I was gone. I’ve worked a lot with other universities and I have constantly been amazed at how outstanding LCU is in their academic programs, in the quality of the student life.”

Look out for exciting things happening on campus with the new Mass Media program and enroll in a course with Professor Hughes; you’re sure to learn from his dynamic range of experience.