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Refresh - A Day of Nourishment for Women Who Minister

Refresh - A Day of Nourishment for Women Who Minister

Are you a woman in vocational ministry? Whether you are mentoring or discipling behind the scenes, teaching Bible classes, leading ministries, or serving your church in a variety of other ways, you are serving in God's Kingdom. All of these roles are vital to the church, and your ability to serve is directly impacted not only by how well you are equipped, but also how fresh your attitude is.

We want to refresh and equip you! Come be renewed, encouraged, inspired, and nourished at this one-day workshop.

Seasons of Grace

All of us are in a specific season of life. Some are empty-nesters, while others are welcoming their first babies. Some are starting new careers, while others of us are raising teenagers, or taking care of aging parents, or are chasing toddlers. 

These seasons have specific borders, and our roles in them feel defined and clear. But these aren't the only seasons we navigate. We also experience seasons of darkness, where there is suffering and hopelessness and doubt—when God's presence is dim, when pain is persistently present, and when joy seems just out of reach. We experience seasons where things seem ordinary—predictable and maybe a little boring, where we accomplish what is necessary and expected, where nothing terrible is happening, but nothing all that exciting or important seems on the horizon, either. There are also seasons of purpose—when God's mission for us seems vibrant and energizing and good, where we can't wait to see what each day brings, when God's work in our lives feels so evident, important, and real.

Mark Your Calendars!

Speakers: Emily Lemley, Rebecca Talley, Jamie Wheeler
Date: February 29, 2020
Time/Location: 8:30-3:00 | Baker Conference Center

Conference and Lunch: $45
Conference only: $40

Lunch will be Catered by LCU Dining Services and will include a selection of foods as well as a salad bar.

We are excited to host three outstanding speakers. Each of these women have LCU connections, have significant ministry experience within their calling, and are well-loved by many. 

  • Session 1: Rebecca Talley — Seasons of the Ordinary
  • Session 2: Emily Lemley — Seasons of Darkness
  • Session 3: Jamie Wheeler — Seasons of Purpose

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2020 Speakers

Emily Lemley

Emily and her husband Steve have spent their work-life at Pepperdine and Lubbock Christian University. They continue a long tenure as editor of Power for Today, a daily devotional guide with 36,000 subscribers. She has led many retreats and seminars across the United States and in Germany and Spain. She is in her 18th year of being a teaching director for a Community Bible Study class—13 in Malibu and now 5 in Lubbock. She served on the board of the Christian Chronicle. She and Steven have three grown children and six grandchildren. David his wife Angie have 3 boys, 14,12 and 8. They both work at Pepperdine University. Amy and her husband Jeff Cary have one son, 16, and 2 daughter, 18 and 14. Amy teaches school in Lubbock and Jeff is the Dean of the School of Biblical Studies at LCU. Mark and his wife Tasha live in Nashville where Mark manages one of the Crema coffee houses and Tasha is an independent contractor for lawyers. They have perfected a Chai Tea recipe which they sell to local coffee houses.

Rebecca Talley

Rebecca has been involved in ministry most of her life, spending her entire childhood and adolescence in Thailand as part of a missionary family. From 1985 through 2012, Rebecca served as a missionary to East Africa.  She spent those 27 years living and serving with her husband Tim and their children in Kenya and Tanzania. 

Most recently, Rebecca has served as an adjunct professor of missions at LCU teaching Mission Cultural Anthropology. She was a full time campus minister at the Broadway Church of Christ from 2013 until August of 2019. Rebecca is still involved in counseling, mentoring, and teaching and is one of the coordinators of International Student Fellowship with her husband Tim.  

She has a masters degree in Christian Ministry from Lubbock Christian University.  She received her bachelors degree in Biology with a minor in Bible from LCU in 1979. She is married to Tim Talley and they have three adult daughters, and four grandchildren.

Jamie Wheeler

Jaime Wheeler is currently the Director of Open Door Survivor Housing and has been a part of the Open Door (formerly Carpenter's church) community since 2006. Open Door seeks to cultivate community, opportunity and restoration with people experiencing poverty, homelessness and sex trafficking. In 2014, Jaime authored emPOWER, a workbook for those who have experienced exploitation. Jaime holds degrees in Social Work and Exercise Science and has spent time overseas as a missionary. Along with her husband, 3 kids and several pets, Jaime enjoys living a life of adventure in Lubbock's inner city.

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A Thank You

This conference is made possible through Lubbock Christian University and the Alfred and Patricia Smith College of Biblical Studies. We are thankful for generous donations from area businesses. If you would like to learn more about supporting Refresh financially, email Shannon Rains for more information.

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