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Testing Hours

By appointment only during regular office hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday
 and 8:00am-12:00pm Friday.


Do you want to speed up your college career and earn college credit at a reduced price? Have you already accumulated knowledge equivalent to that in the freshman college classroom? If so, you may want to consider CLEP testing. 

The credit by examination policy applies to CLEP exams.

Questions to ask yourself before scheduling a CLEP exam

  • Have you taken this specific CLEP test before? If yes, you must wait at least three months to repeat a CLEP test.
  • Have you taken a higher numbered college course in the same field as the CLEP test? If you have, you will not receive credit for this CLEP exam if you have taken a higher numbered course in the same field as the CLEP exam.
  • Are you now or have you ever taken the course you are trying to CLEP? If you have taken the class and dropped it after the 12th class day, or if you have failed the course, you cannot receive CLEP credit.


You may make an appointment to take a CLEP exam during regular office hours. When scheduling a CLEP exam, students should allow a couple of hours to go through the tutorial and take the 90-minute exam. The College Composition CLEP exam (required for ENG 1301 and ENG 1302 credit at LCU) is a 120-minute exam. CLEP exams are computer-based.

Fees and Requirements

The university charges an administrative fee in addition to the cost of the $80 CLEP exam. Photo ID is required to take the CLEP exams.


The DSST is applicable to Organizational Management majors only.
If you are an OM major, you should confirm with your departmental advisor which DSST exams will earn course credit at LCU. Not all DSST exams are acceptable for course credit.

The credit by examination policy applies to DSST exams.


You may schedule an appointment to take a DSST exam during regular office hours. You are allowed up to two hours to take DSST exams.

Fees & Requirements

The cost of the exam is $80, and the university charges an administrative fee in addition to the cost of the DSST exam. Two forms of photo ID are required to take the DSST exams. Before coming to take the exam, students wanting scores sent to other universities should know the school code of their university. Visit to locate an institution.


ACT is administered at LCU on most national test dates. Students may check the ACT website for test dates and other information related to practice exams, cost, registration, allowed calculators, etc.

Entering freshman students are encouraged to take the national ACT examination, including the optional writing test, during their senior year in high school. The writing test is not required by LCU for admission. 

LCU schedules a residual ACT exam once per semester and once in the summer for students who wish to improve their scores. The residual score does not apply towards academic eligibility. The residual ACT score is applicable only at LCU and may not be transferred or accepted at other institutions.


Texas Higher Education Assessment Internet-Based Test is offered multiple times throughout the academic year including twice during the summer months. The test consists of three sections: Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Visit to find out more information.

Contact the Testing Office to attend one of the sessions. Seating is limited.