Your Health

The Medical Clinic: At LCU, we deeply care about the well-being of our students. Several years ago we added a medical doctor to our staff and expanded our medical services so students have health care access right on campus.

The Counseling Center: We are also very conscious of the mental health needs of our students. Our counseling center has a qualified staff of caring professionals, directed and supervised by a Licensed Professional Counselor. They serve to help students cope with a variety of pressures that are brought on by the challenges of being a college student.

Your Safety 

LCU Department of Public Safety is on patrol 24/7/365 around campus and safety is a top priority for us and we have a great working relationship with the Lubbock Police Department. When a student comes to LCU, we want it to be with the peace of mind that we are diligently working behind the scenes so they feel confident in the services we offer for their health and safety.