Immediate On-Campus Help

The LCU Counseling Center offers individual counseling, education and intervention to students struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and/or any other type of addiction. Our trained staff are committed to providing quality services to help individuals break free from the strong holds of addiction. Clients may be referred to community services as deemed appropriate.

Sessions are confidential and take approximately three sessions to complete the program. Please contact our office for more information: 806-720-7478

Campus Contacts

For questions or concerns regarding substance abuse, please feel free to contact the numbers below:

LCU Counseling Center: 806.720.7478

LCU Student Affairs Office: 806.720.7501

LCU Public Safety: 806.928.6803

Resources and Services

Visit this link for more information on alcohol or drug addiction. Here you will find:

  • Self Evaluation Online Screenings
  • Self-Help Resources
  • Local Lubbock Services