Hospital Emergency Room Information

In the case of a medical emergency please call 911 and then call Campus Security (806-796-8918)

Poison Control Center 1.800.764.7661


Emergency Rooms:

Covenant Medical Center 

3615 19th St. (ER located at 19th st. & Knoxville Ave, between Quaker and Indiana)

Phone Number:806.725.1011


UMC Emergency Room Location:

602 Indiana Ave. (ER located at corner of 8th and Louisville Ave.)

Phone Number: 806.775.8200


Grace Medical Center:

2412 50th St. - corner of 50th and University

Phone Number: 806.788.4000


West Texas ER:

7905 Milwaukee Ave. - 79th and Milwaukee Ave. 

Phone Number: 806.368.5837


Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinics

Hours and prices are set by the individual clinics and are subject to change at any time. Please call ahead to check insurance coverage.


Covenant Medical Group (CMG) Urgent Care

1910 Quaker Avenue

Phone Number: 806.725.4440


Monday-Friday: 9am-9pm

Saturday: 9am-6pm

Sunday: 9am-6pm


Covenant Medical Group (CMG) West Clinic

416 Frankford Ave

Phone Number: 806.725.5480


Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm


Covenant Health Plus

7601 Quaker Avenue

Phone Number: 806.725.9444


Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: 12pm-5pm


Grace Clinic

4515 Marsha Sharp Freeway (south side of highway, between Quaker and Salem Ave.)

Phone Number: 806.744.7223


Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: 12pm-5pm


West Wind Primary Health Center

5520 4th St. 

Phone Number: 806.761.0475


Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: 1pm-5pm


Kings Park Urgent Care

7501 Quaker Ave

Phone Number: 806.788.3306


Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am-6pm


Lakeridge Primary Health Center

5130 82nd St.

Phone Number: 806.794.9378


Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: 1pm-5pm


Any charges incurred for care at such facilities are your responsibility and are not covered by the university or under your Student Health Services fee. 

After-Hours Urgent Care Medical Clinics

KingsPark Urgent Care Clinic Location:
75th and Quaker
Phone Number: 806.788.3306

Covenant Medical Group Location:
9812 Slide Rd.
Phone Number: 806.725.9900

Covenant HealthPlus Walk-In Clinic Location:
76th and Quaker
Phone Number: 806.725.9444 

Lakeridge Primary Healthcare Location:
5130 82nd St.
Phone Number: 806.794.9378

Grace Clinic Location:
4515 Brownfield Highway between Quaker and Salem Ave.
Phone Number: 806.744.7223 

UMC Minor Care Center
Location: 6th and Indiana located within UMC ER department
Phone Number: 806.775.8200
Call ahead for hours, costs, and insurance for each clinic. 

LCU Health Services Fee does NOT cover after-hours, weekend, or emergency medical care services.