Full Review

#00003  Approved Full 1/27/16:  “The Impact of Childhood Adverse Experiences on College Adaptation” Beth Robinson

#00006 Approved Full 2/23/16:  “Specialized Fall Prevention Training for Nurse Assistants” Hiller Quintanilla and JoAnn Long

#00009 Approved Full 3/1/16 “Mobile Devices as Adaptors Study” by Shawn Hughes, Stuart Williams, Jessica Bailey, Jeri Strong, and Ninah Ontveros.

#00010  Approved Full 3/4/16 “Eye Contact Instigation” by Shawn Hughes, Emily Leach, Alex Cole, Brittany Gutherie.

#00013 Approved Full 4/19/16 “The effect of test interruptions and work:  rest ratio on exercise intensity at maximal lactate steady state in active individuals” by Laurel Littlefield, Ph.D., Michael Sa-id, and Luke Chowning

#00014 Approved Full 4/22/16 “: "The effects of self-esteem, depression, eating attitudes, and sociocultural attitudes and pressures on the prevalence of binge eating in undergraduate university males" by Demi Lorey and Andrew Young, Ph.D.

#00015 Approved Full 4/25/16 “Differentiation of Self Between Therapist and Client: A Bowenian Investigation” by Carlos Perez, Ph.D. and Madeline Reaves

#00016 Approved Full 5/12/16 “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Brief TF-CBT Interventions With Children Placed in an Ecuador Orphanage” by Beth Robinson, Ph.D., Shauna Frisbie, Ph.D., and Kayleen Brown, Ph.D.

#00017 Approved 5/16/16 “Vocati Institute” by Steven Bonner, Ph.D., Long, Ph.D., Ngozi Anyanwu, BSN, RN. 

#00018 Approved 8/29/16. “Antibiotic Resistance and DNA Profiling of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Staphylococcus epidermidis in Wet and Dry Makeup Applicators”   by  Ashley Rojas, and Julie Marshall, Ph.D.

#00019 Approved 10/25/16  “Research Proposal High School to College Transition with Information Seeking Skills” by Karlee Vinyard and Barbara Slate  



#00005 Approved Expedited 2/21/16 ”Medication Administration Barcode Scanning Verification” by Brenda Kinning and JoAnn Long

#00007 Approved Expedited  2/25/16:  “Attraction Study”  Shawn  Hughes, Ryan Lockwood, Allie Harris, Bryce Morin, and Abbey McCrady

#00008 Approved Expedited 2/26/16:  “Pilot Study Describing Registered Nurses Digital Immigrants Resitance to Use of Technology” by Melissia Tomblin and JoAnn Long

#00011 Approved Expedited 3/22/16:  “The Effects of a Professional Writing Workshop on the Perceived Writing Self-efficacy of Undergraduate Nursing Students”  by Terry Delaney, Dr. Ramona Yehle, and Dr. Cindy Ford


#000012 Approved Expedited 3/24/2016  “Nurses Eat Their Young” Moves to Academia:  Expert Researchers Humiliate and Degrade Novice Nurse Researchers” by Dr. Cindy Ford


#00004 Renewal 2/4/16:  “The Flip Academy:  Training STEM Teachers to Flip the Classroom”  Julie Marshall, Ph.D. – Contact Jessica Rogers.

#00018 9/22/2016 “Building Professional Behaviors in BSW Students through Peer Review” by Jeana Culbert, Ph.D.


1/22/16  Brook Pendergrass, Claire Bruffey, and Samuel Ayers “Local History Project:  Lubbock and National Historical Events”

2/8/16 Garrett Luft and Sam Ayers “Determining The Reasoning Of Students For Enrolling In Advanced Placement Classes”

2/8/16 Jennifer Farber and Sam Ayers “The Effects of Teaching Test Taking Schools to High School Students”

2/8/16  Skylar Dobson and Sam Ayers “Effectiveness of Manipulatives in Middle School and High School Mathematics”

2/8/16  Alison Ernst and Sam Ayers “The Affect of Guided Reading”

2/10/16 Sarah Burleson and Sam Ayers “Effects of Classcraft Gamification on Student Engagement and Motivation”

2/11/16  Joshua Sumpter and Sam Ayers “The Correlation between High Frequency Words and Reading Fluency”

2/11/16 Kristin Luft and Sam Ayers “Is Kindergarten Developmentally Appropriate?”

2/11/16 Shonda Mayer and Sam Ayers “Making Time for Writing Conferences”

2/11/16  Tamara Wood and  Sam  Ayers “Fine Motor Delays in Kindergarten”

2/12/16 Tammi Barnett and Sam Ayers “Classroom Management in a Secondary School”

2/15/16 Jennifer Gustin and Sam Ayers “Integrating technology to enhance engagement”

2/15/16  Jennifer Rodriguez and Sam Ayers “The Effects of Small Group Math Instruction (Guided Math) on Struggling Fourth Grade”

2/16/16  Tanya Phillips and Sam Ayers “Istation’s Effectiveness”

2/17/16  Ramiro Hernandez and Sam Ayers “Action Research”

8/23/16 Sam Ayers, Kasey Porr, and Britini Cantu “Local History Project:  Lubbock and National Historical Events”  

9/30/16 Amy Williams “Guided Reading Groups Research Project”

9/30/16 Robin Baccus “Fluency Rate and Comprehension with Third Graders”

9/30/16 Allyson Fowler “ Using Music and Movement to Teach Sight Words”

9/30/16 Heath Blackmon “Action research project for a graduate education course”

10/3/2016 Aubrey Bassett “A Routine for Reasonableness”

10/4/16  Kristen Swanner “Action Research Project”

10/7/16 Karla De La Gala “Brain Muscle”

10/7/16 Morgan Hawk “Positive and Negative Reinforcement Effects on Classroom Behavior”

10/18/16 Raymond Cortez “Singing to Enhance Learning”

10/24/16 Mark Wilkinson, DNP  “Health Promotion and Food Insecurity”.