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National Hispanic English Youth Conference (NHEYC)

A new generation of Hispanics born into the United States are increasingly caught between choosing ancestral cultural traditions and simply being American. Part of this divide is the absence of the Spanish language in younger generations of Hispanic Americans. The purpose of NHEYC is twofold. We strive in filling a spiritual need to Hispanics in their own English language. We also exist to encourage Hispanic youth to seek higher education and experience Christ in a University setting.

NHEYC is open for Middle and High School Students, as well as College Students and Sponsors from June 5th-8th (Monday-Thursday) on the campus of Lubbock Christian University. Registration opens February 1.  

Cost will be $65, and will include three nights on LCU's campus, meals, and a t-shirt.

For more information, contact:

  • Spanish:  Salvador Gonzalez - (432) 634-1948
  • English:   JuanRaymon Rubio - (708) 743-8148

To visit the camp website, click here. For the Registration Page, click here.