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Moodle is a tool used by the university to allow professors an online environment to post course content, communicate with students, set up quizzes or surveys, manage grades online, deliver Flash videos and provide a community of learners an area where they can share ideas or engage in discussions. Moodle can be accessed by going to the university web page, the university portal page or typing in

Security: Moodle courses are secure because each student receives a unique login and password which is the same as the ones used for email or other campus logins, and only students that are registered in your course can access Moodle content. This enables professors or other university personnel to post copyrighted material, track which students are accessing particular course materials, and quiz students online. Students can have secure access to their grades at all times, but cannot access the grades of other students. They can also securely submit assignments.

Communication: A variety of communication tools come standard with each Moodle course. The Moodle email function allows instructors to email students (either as a group or separately) without having to manage email addresses. Course discussion boards enable class participants to post questions or comments, to which other participants can respond at any time. Chat rooms enable synchronous discussion between course members. Professors can also break up the class into small groups to facilitate peer collaboration.

Uniformity: Students have one Moodle account for the whole time they are enrolled at LCU, and they access all their courses from a common portal page. The basic navigation interface of each course is the same, although instructors can customize content areas. This uniformity makes using Moodle easy for students, as the interface remains constant from course to course.


Panopto is a simple web-based interface that allows LCU instructors to capture class content and edit their recorded presentations. The instructor can create a class capture and embed it into Moodle. LCU can accomplish this without the cost of high-end video editing applications, freeing the instructor from dependence on specialized technology personnel.

Panopto has the potential to stream rich media content making it available to all faculty, regardless of their level or technical sophistication. Panopto allows student who are remote or unable to attend a class to not only keep up with delivered content, but allows the instructor to maintain a relationship and presence with the student.

In addition to support from individual course instructors the Department of Instructional Technology also supplies assistance through a variety of documents and videos which are self-paced and available to all registered students, or through email and telephone help desk personnel.