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Thank you for choosing to speak at Lubbock Christian University’s chapel.  We appreciate your willingness to be with the LCU community and look forward to your presentation.  LCU Chapel meets daily in the McDonald Moody Auditorium on Lubbock Christian University’s campus.  Since each chapel event has the potential to be a spiritually uplifting event, so below we have included some tips in order to assist you in your preparation:

Be Clear

The notion of being clear in your presentation can best be illustrated by this question: If you had to boil down your message or presentation to one main point or idea, what would it be?  Once you have your main point or idea for your message, the next question that helps with being clear is: What is the best way to say or communicate the main idea in order to communicate it to the audience?  The attractive approach is to have multiple points or several points, but due to the time allotted for chapel and the nature of the chapel experience, it is usually best to be able to narrow down your message to one encompassing point or idea.

Be Concise

Being concise simply means being short.  Once you have your main idea or point, and you have chosen how best to communicate that point, it is good to remember that time is an issue for chapel’s purposes.  The time allotted for chapel each day, is 30 minutes (11:00am-11:30am).  However, most chapel experiences include: announcements, videos, singing and a prayer.  It will be best to try to limit your talk to 10-12 minutes maximum.  The goal for chapel in regards to time, is for the speaker to dismiss the audience no later than 11:25am.

Be Engaging

The old adage for every speaker is to “Know your audience!” The audience you will be speaking to will be a collection of mostly college-age students (18-23 year olds), along with LCU faculty and staff members. It is a good reminder that the LCU student body includes students from countries and cultures all over the world.

Be Creative

The LCU Moody Auditorium provides technological options that encourage creativity.  We have our own stage and sound booth personnel that assist each presenter and speaker in order to ensure successful experiences.  If you are planning on using a video element or a slide-based presentation, please plan to have those submitted at least 24 hours in advance of your presentation.


Before chapel every day there will be a tech meeting in the booth at 10:45am in which your attendance is necessary.

We hope that this information is beneficial in providing the best experience for you and our audience.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Link Blevins (806) 720-7505
Paul Norman (806) 720-7503