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Christliche Damen was founded in 1958. Our German name holds the meaning “Christ-like Women,” from which we find our purpose. Our club colors are purple and white, representing royalty and purity. Our club verse is Proverbs 31:10-31, and we hold tightly to this as an example of the ways we can serve as Christ followers in all that we do.

Mission Statement

This year, we received from an alum the Christliche Damen Mission Statement from 1997, and are hoping to adopt this or a variation of it within the year. It states:

“It is our mission first and foremost to be women of Christ. As Christ-like women we commit ourselves to serve God as our #1 priority. In all decisions we face, we will rely on two of the greatest gifts he has given to us—His Word and the Great Power of Prayer.

As daughters of Christ we are then sisters in Him. We have a commitment to Him and to each other to live by the standards that he has set for us as Christians and for us as women of purple. We will strive to be women who reflect compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, and grace.

As sisters we will support each other, as well as our brothers of Koinonia at games, events, activities, etc.—whether with encouraging words and/or participation. We also want to have our hearts and minds open to each other and our brothers to be in a position to help one another, whenever needed.

In accordance with humility, we shall approach others with respect in all situations, even if they choose to participate in activities and organizations other than those we have chosen for ourselves.

Finally, because we are unified in Christ we are unified in each other. May God tear down any walls that ever come between us and forever together we stand.”

2018-2019 Officers

  • President: Caitlin Curtis
  • Vice President: Krysten Gomez
  • Secretary: Kayle Lindsey
  • Treasurer: Rachel Shaffer
  • Social Club Week Leader: Tori Acosta
  • Chaplains: Emily Keilman and Madison Wheeler
  • Intramural Directors: Hannah Curtis and Allie Nettles
  • Master Follies Directors: Sidney McMillian, Abbie Jackson, and Sadie Wheeler
  • Historians: Lindsay Brewer and Samantha Hernandez
  • Reporter: Mariah Paulger
  • Merchandise Directors: Keelyn Shea and Peyton Mahaney
  • Alumni Relations Director: Molly Garton
Christliche Damen Officers