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Christliche Damen

Hello! I am Renni Scarborough, the current President of Christliche Damen. Below I want to tell you a little bit about CDs, what we are involved in, and what I feel is important to us!

Christliche Damen was founded in 1958. Our name is German; it means Christ-like Women. Our club colors are purple and white, representing royalty and purity. Our club verse is Proverbs 31:10-31. This passage describes a woman who is humble, servant-hearted, and Christ seeking. This verse is where we find our club purpose: upholding the standards of Christian womanhood.


As a club, service is a very important part of who we are. We love to help out in any way possible at Lubbock Christian University. Many of our members are very involved in many different areas. We also love to be involved in the Lubbock community. This includes volunteering for Open Door Ministries, the Dream Center, and Scholastic. We regularly go sing worship songs, with our brother club, at the Southern Specialty and Legacy at South Plains nursing homes. Singing at these nursing homes is personally one of my favorite things we do as a club.


Because we have been around so long, CDs has many longstanding traditions that we value and uphold. Many of these traditions involve our brothers of IKoinonia. We love to serenade our brothers and perform our Master Follies shows with them at CiCi’s Pizza every year. We have some very important traditions of our own as well. These importance of these traditions is passed down to new members every year throughout Social Club Week. Our traditions allow us to experience sisterhood not only with current members, but also with our alumni.


It is our goal, as sisters, to uphold the values of Christian womanhood; we hold ourselves to high standards. It is so great to have an awesome group of women to support each other and hold one another accountable. Our sisterhood is such a close knit group of classy women. I know I can trust and lean on my sisters for pretty much anything. Being a part of Christliche Damen is a blessing to me every single day.

Brother Club

Many of our major events and traditions involve our brother club, Koinonia. We love supporting them and having them to support us back. The bond that we share as clubs is something special and it is highly valued among both clubs.