Students playing Volleyball in the Rhodes Perrin Rec Center


The Rhodes Perrin Recreation Center philosophy is to offer a variety of programs, which encourage all participants to develop in the areas of personal values, physical fitness and education. This is accomplished by providing a clean and safe environment, sound teaching methods, and by encouraging all participants to do their best. The Rhodes Perrin Recreation Center is run with an emphasis on quality and observes all recommendations and guidelines set forth by various gold standards in the recreation, intramurals and fitness industries.  

We work with our staff to provide them the training, understanding and experience that will allow them to assist anyone in our facility. We work closely with the Exercise and Sport Sciences Department to give interns experience in the recreation, sports and fitness fields.

 - Amy Shero, Director of Recreational Life

Membership Information

  • All current undergraduate, graduate (as long as they are registered for at least 3 hours), & full time employees have complementary access to the Rhodes Perrin Recreation Center.
  • Nursing Partnership and temporary students may purchase a membership for an additional monthly fee via credit card draft.
  • Alumni memberships are now available via credit card draft.
  • For additional information, please contact the Welcome Desk located inside the Rec Center or via email at
  • Remember, in order to enter the Rec Center, you MUST present a current LCU ID card; this includes all students and employees!**