Changing Hearts, Changing Minds, Changing Lives


From a dream that started in a cotton field to an high-quality institution of higher learning, Lubbock Christian University is changing lives every day.


LCU is about people.  It is about positively influencing the people - the students, the faculty, the staff, the community - that it touches on a daily basis.  It is about keeping that dream from over 50 years ago alive and driving toward excellence.  LCU is about showing, through an example to the public and to its own, that a Christ-driven education can and should be paramount to creating successful graduates, who become leaders of this great country and, yes, in some cases, the world.

LCU is always changing, yet in some ways it never seems to change.  The basis of its founding was to build a community that is conducive to spiritual, personal and academic growth and that philosophy still exists today.  The values that guide Lubbock Christian University are based on our belief in God and allegiance to scripture and it is the university's belief that those attributes are essential to maintaining an environment in which the needs of each individual are important.

The faculty, staff and students at Lubbock Christian University are all part of a community where God is glorified and mutual respect and integrity of others are the norm.  Each person shares the responsibility to uphold those guidelines and all are committed to the passionate pursuit of student success.