Participants and parents must watch the Informed Consent video and sign the appropriate documents and then submit to

Informed Consent

Parent/Guardian Information

Where is the Vocati Institute located?

The residency portion of the Institute will be held at Lone Tree Ranch in Capitan, NM. Once back from the residency, students begin the year-round online portion, Vocati in Action. Students will have access to our online learning management system, Moodle, where they will continue to build the connections established during the residency. Online they will watch lectures, be assigned readings, participate in asynchronous forums, and be led in the development of their mission project and portfolios.

What will the Vocati Institute cost me and my family?

Due to a generous grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc. and our wonderful partners, there is no charge for the Vocati Institute. Transportation costs incurred during travel to and from LCU are to be paid by the applicant. The Vocati Institute has already arranged transportation from LCU to Pine Springs and back. Costs may be incurred by the student as they implement their missional project, for basic supplies, or for snack food while traveling.

How will I know that my student will be safe?

Your child’s safety and security is of the utmost concern to the administration and staff of the Vocati Institute. We have developed specific and detailed policies to ensure that your children remain safe while they are under our care. Emergency services are located close to the retreat facility. If treatment at either the doctor's office or emergency room is required, your health insurance will be the primary insurance. If a situation arises concerning the treatment of your child, you will be notified immediately by the medical staff and/or a year-round staff member. Further details can be found in the release portion of the student’s application.

Will the Vocati Institute prepare my student for college?

Due to the programmatic design of the Institute, students will be heavily engaged with LCU faculty and current university students. The content of the Institute is designed to immerse your student into rich and deep theological exploration, spiritual discernment, and thoughtful engagement. These leaders have committed to invest heavily in your student’s life. Together, all will be encouraged to think critically about current issues and the impact these issues have on their lives and communities. It is our desire that your child will explore, discern, and engage with what they believe into every aspect of their lives.

How does LCU invest in students participating in the Vocati Institute?

In addition to the time and resources that LCU professors and students will invest directly through instruction and mentoring, the university will also award a $1000 institutional scholarship to participants who complete the full one-year program.