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Kregg Fehr

The City of Lubbock Cemetery holds the second greatest number of Civil War veteran gravesites of any cemetery in the state of Texas, but the story doesn't stop there. Dr. Kregg Fehr of LCU's Humanities Department takes a closer look at how anger fueled many veterans long after the war was over.

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Dr. Kregg Fehr teaches history at LCU, and his favorite thing about the subject is that it requires you to study an event from many different perspectives.  With the endless parade of people, events, and angles to explore, Fehr finds himself drawn to the "mosaic approach" when constructing truth.  His favorite classes to teach are History of Science and History of the Cold War.

Fehr’s greatest adventure outside the classroom is traveling with his wife, Jane, and two daughters, Katie and Gracie.  They are currently trying to visit all 50 states and hope to see each of the national parks along the way.  So far, they have toured 38 states and 20 national parks.