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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Kenneth Hawley in front of class of students shot from the back of class

About Our Faculty

Because You Deserve to Learn From the Best

Learn from professors who are well-respected academics with life experiences to support their academic endeavors: a missions professor who spent twenty years on the mission field planting churches off the coast of Kenya, only to return to help plant an urban mission domestically; a Chemistry teacher who serves as the technical operator for a global service organization that employs university students to conduct research on food products before they reach the global market; an art professor who was awarded the Texas Art Educator of the Year award for higher education: as a student at Lubbock Christian University you can choose courses to fit your interests and academic needs knowing that you will be learning from the best.


Here are just a few reasons why we think you should move LCU to the top of your list:

Passionately Pursuing Student Success

At LCU your professors will not only be knowledgeable scholars, proficient in their respective fields of study, but also caring servants who support your success in all areas of life.

Real Professors, Not Graduate Student Teachers

Unlike other universities where most lower-level undergraduate classes are taught by graduate students, 100% of LCU's classes are taught by faculty members, the majority of whom have a terminal degree in their field.

Forget the stadium seating.

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 12 to 1, most of our classes are taught in a small classroom with less than 20 students. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that over 95% of our students score at or above average on the Collegiate Assessment Academic Proficiency Exam.

Engage in Relevant, Real-World Research 

Enjoy getting to make a difference in the world before you even graduate. Many of your assignments will challenge you to ask important questions and pursue new innovations to improve the world.

Faculty Who Are at the Top of Their Field 

Come to class with confidence in your teachers, knowing that you are studying with well-published, highly respected academic professionals.

About Our Staff

Passionately Pursuing Student Success

At LCU it is our faculty and staff who set the mold for the rest of the university. That is why we go out of our way to hire people who are knowledgeable and proficient in their respective areas, but also caring servants who support student success in all areas of life.

Staff Senate

The Lubbock Christian University Staff Senate is made up of duly elected representatives from the staff employees of the University. To this end, the Staff Senate helps promote and protect the welfare of the LCU staff to the extent that the Staff Senate policies are consonant with state regulations and university policies. Their role includes reviewing policies proposed or previously adopted by others that may affect the welfare of staff and make recommendations about these to the necessary university leaders. Moreover, they help promote the effective exchange of information between the LCU administration and staff, and propose and maintain programs to enhance the personal and professional well-being of the staff, as well as encourage their vocational and educational development.

To contact a member of the staff senate, contact Hilary Barnes.

Become a Member of the LCU Community

To inquire about job openings and opportunities to partner with Lubbock Christian University, please see our employment job postings or contact human resources for more information.