Lubbock Christian University

Heritage and Values

Our Mission

Lubbock Christian University is a Christ-centered, academic community of learners, transforming the hearts, minds, and hands of students for lives of purpose and service.

Our Vision

Lubbock Christian University will be a leading Christian university, known for its academic excellence and its commitment to faith that seeks understanding, where wisdom is pursued, vocation is discerned, and service is fostered.

Our Heritage of Faith

Lubbock Christian University was founded in 1957 by members of the Churches of Christ who came together to establish a Christian university on the South Plains of Texas for the purpose of preparing and equipping students for lives of Christian service. The university is committed to continuing to walk with, to serve, and to be sustained by that fellowship. We welcome and embrace all of our students who come to the university from different faith backgrounds and perspectives, each of them a precious creation of God. As part of a tradition that grew out of a deep commitment to Christian unity and the renewing power of the Word, our hope and prayer is that the university will be a force for reconciliation, consistent with the best instincts of our heritage.

Our Identity and Values as a Christ-Centered Community

We are authentically Christ-centered, guided by our faith in Jesus in every dimension of our life as a community of higher learning.  

  • We are committed to students, providing a transformative educational experience that equips students for lives of integrity.
  • We are scholars and co-discoverers, guided by Christian wisdom while diligently seeking the truth in every discipline.
  • We are a welcoming community, embodying a spirit of hospitality in every aspect of our lives together.
  • We are thoughtfully engaged, serving as agents, models, and witnesses of the Kingdom of God in our families, churches, and communities.
  • We practice the highest standards of excellence, “working with all of our hearts as working for the Lord,” and glorifying God in all we do.
  • We act with integrity, discerning right from wrong, speaking the truth, and keeping our commitments.
  • We treat others with dignity and respect, valuing each person as one made in God’s image.

Alma Mater

Hail to our own Lubbock Christian, Modern Pioneers.
May His blessings rest upon you always through the years.
Ties of friendship, love unbounded, colors white and blue.
O, beloved Lubbock Christian, we'll be true to you.

Hail to thee our Alma Mater; Lubbock Christian reigns.
Born to give the light of knowledge, set on rolling plains.
Learning, character, citizenship, with Christianity.
O, beloved Lubbock Christian, we'll remember thee.