Lubbock Christian University

Testing Center

LCU offers students several testing opportunities through the Center for Student Success. The testing center administers several types of exams and services. Services offered include:

  • Exams for admission into the university 
  • Possibility to earn college credit by examination
  • Proctoring specific university-wide required exams
  • Proctoring for distance-learning exams
Students taking a test

Credit by Examination Policy

Lubbock Christian University operates an open test center. It is open to all individuals. 

The Lubbock Christian University credit-by-examination (CBE) program offers students the opportunity to earn course credit by achieving sufficient scores on various subject examinations. Thus, students who have acquired a sufficient amount of knowledge through independent study, reading, and experience may accelerate the degree completion process by earning credit(s) by examination.

  1. LCU students may earn up to 45 credit-by-examination hours.
  2. Credit-by-examination course challenges should be completed during the freshman and sophomore years of college since credit by examination hours count only as lower division course credits. Students may not earn credit by examination for subjects in which they have already earned higher numbered credit than the credit-by-exam course would offer. (i.e. Students may not earn ENG 1301 credit by examination if they have already received credit for ENG 1302.) Credit by examination, therefore, should be viewed as a way to reduce the amount of time students spend in taking basic courses and in qualifying them to take upper division courses. Consult the appropriate dean for any exception to this rule.
  3. The semester hours received via credit by examination count the same as course credit hours earned in the classroom during a regular reporting period.
  4. Course credit will be automatically applied to the transcript for those earning credit by examination. No action will be taken if students fail to pass the exam; the transcript will remain the same as before the test was given. Credit by examination cannot be used to raise the grade point average. Credit by examination only gives hours credit for the course, not additional grade points.
  5. Credit by examination may not be used to replace a course grade that has previously been given. Students must repeat classes at LCU, or at the university where they received the grade, in order to replace the grade.
  6. Course credit by examination may not be used to satisfy the 32-hour minimum residence requirement for a bachelor's degree.
  7. After the 12th class day, credit by examination may be attempted for a course in which one is enrolled only upon written approval of the student's academic dean.

Information on Credit by Exam and other opportunities for Advanced Credit can be found in the University Catalog.

Exams Offered


All students who wish to take a CLEP exam must register online through the CLEP website. You must select the test you wish to take and pay your CLEP fee prior to your arrival in the Testing Center. It is your responsibility to register for the correct test. Study materials, frequently asked questions and other CLEP resources are located on the CLEP webpage.

LCU students should review the Credit by Exam Policy and seek guidance from their academic advisor to make sure the exam fits within their degree plan prior to purchasing the test. 

Scheduling and Fees

Schedule an appointment to take your exam by contacting the Testing Office at, if you choose to test on the LCU campus. In addition to the cost of the CLEP exam, a $40 administration fee will be charged by LCU for this exam. This cannot be charged to an LCU student account. 


You may schedule an appointment to take a DSST exam during regular office hours. You are allowed up to two hours to take DSST exams.

Fees & Requirements

The cost of the exam is $100, and the university charges an administrative fee in addition to the cost of the DSST exam. Two forms of photo ID are required to take the DSST exams. Before coming to take the exam, students wanting scores sent to other universities should know the school code of their university. Visit to locate an institution.

ACT is administered at LCU on most national test dates. Students may check the ACT website for test dates and other information related to practice exams, cost, registration, allowed calculators, etc.

Texas Higher Education Assessment Internet-Based Test is offered multiple times throughout the academic year. The test consists of three sections: Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Visit to find out more information.

Contact the Testing Office to attend one of the sessions. Seating is limited. 

LCU Academic Testing is able to provide proctoring services for other exams. There is a $25 fee for each exam proctored. Please contact Academic Testing for more information.