Lubbock Christian University

Automatic Scholarships for SPC Graduates

LCU is closing the gap in tuition costs with competing universities, making a private, Christian education affordable for you.

Earning an ASSOCIATES DEGREE may qualify for up to:
$16,872 PER YEAR


for Associate Degree Scholarship


for TEG Grant


for LCU Student Success


Total Per Year

$6,000 Associate Degree Scholarship
An associate degree qualifies you for an automatic $6,000 scholarship each year.
To qualify, associate degree must be earned as a “Transfer” student. A Transfer student is defined as a student who has graduated from high school and attended a long semester (fall/spring) at a college or university after the high school graduation date.
$3,872 Texas Tuition Equalization Grant
A need-based grant for an estimated $3,872 per year, this grant is awarded to Texas residents attending private colleges. Eligibility is determined through FAFSA.
Up To
LCU Student Success Scholarships are contingent upon unconditional acceptance into Lubbock Christian University. GPA is for all post-secondary work attempted after high school..
Former GPA Award
Student Success Scholarships*
3.7* $7,000 per year
3.5* $6,000 per year
3.2* $5,500 per year
3.0* $5,000 per year
LCU Grant**
2.7** $4,000 per year
2.5** $3,000 per year

*Student Success Scholarships increase $500 each year if you maintain the required GPA and full-time status during the academic year (consecutive fall and spring semesters).

**Need-Based Grants Eligibility is determined through FAFSA.

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