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Internship Job Fair

9am - 2pm | Baker Conference Center

Are you looking for a Youth Ministry or Children’s Ministry Student Intern?  We have provided a FREE opportunity for you to interview an incredible group of students who are ready to serve and learn from your ministry context and experience.  Our students will be prepared to have an exploratory/interview discussion with participating church, para church and service organizations.   

Our philosophy of Internships is simple.  We want our students paired with those who will mentor, model and provide opportunity for growth and challenge.  Therefore, we hold our students to the highest of standards of character and work ethic.  We request our partnering church, para church and service organizations to embrace the same level of expectation.  We stand ready to work with you before, during and after the placement of student interns. 

NOTE:  This is the only “event” held to pair your church, para church and service organization with a student intern.  After the Job Fair, placements are made through our job posting service.

LCU Student Signup

The signup form can only be open for 15 minutes at a time for being able to reserve spots correctly.  Please have your basic info, resume ready to upload, and a list of ministers you want to choose from when you access the signup.

Ministers/Position Info

Organization Contact Location Info In-Person/ Virtual
Altamesa Church of Christ Nate Bundy Fort Worth, TX   In-Person
Belton Church of Christ Bruce Beaver Belton, TX   Virtual
Belton Church of Christ Vincent Nieves Belton, TX   In-Person
Boulder Valley Church of Christ Brad Eason Boulder, CO   Virtual
Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Chapel Angela Harris Boys Ranch, TX   Virtual
Contact Mission Church of Christ Cherith Manfroi Tulsa, OK   Virtual
CrossPoint Church of Christ Bryan Brunson Grand Prarie, TX   Virtual
CrossPoint Church of Christ Brandee Crawford Grand Prarie, TX   Virtual
Glorieta Adventure Camps Kaylen Fowler Glorieta, NM   Virtual
Grapevine Church of Christ Justin Taylor Grapevine, TX   Virtual
Females Only
Green Lawn Church of Christ Stephen Minchew Lubbock, TX   In-Person
Heritage Church Marty Baker Fort Worth, TX   In-Person
Leander Church of Christ Alan Gower Leander, TX   In-Person
Livonia Church of Christ Mike Miles Livoni, MI   Virtual
North Atlanta Church of Christ Jennifer Schroeder Atlanta, GA   Virtual
North Texas Church of Christ Eliseo Hinojos Northlake, TX   In-Person
Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ Brandon Owens Arlington, TX   Virtual
Preston Road Church of Christ Rhett Richie Dallas, TX   In-Person
Southwest Church of Christ Adrian Morgan Amarillo, TX   Virtual
Sunset Church of Christ Jeremy Smith Lubbock, TX   In-Person
Taylor St. Church of Christ Lance Havens Hobbs, NM   In-Person
University Church of Christ Christopher Roberts Canyon, TX   In-Person
West Houston Church of Christ Will Morris Houston, TX   In-Person
Westminster Presbyterian Church Jennifer Kizziah Lubbock, TX   In-Person



If you have signed up, you should be recieveing an email soon with the info need for shceudling and virtual meetings

Minister signup is now closed so we can prepare for Monday