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Welcome to the Children’s and Family Ministry page! My name is Shannon Rains and I am passionate about training the next generation of children and family ministers! I’m glad that you are here.

Did you know that over 40% of Christians come to faith before the age of 12? These young converts typically become committed Christian adults. When asked as adults, they identify their parents and Sunday School as two of the primary influences on their early faith.

At Lubbock Christian University, we teach you how to lead vibrant programs for children and their families. Also, we challenge our ministry students to study Scripture, learn church history, and develop the leadership and organizational skills necessary for successful ministry. In fact, our children’s ministry students are typically hired well before graduation!

Churches need you! Come join us and prepare for your future as a children’s and family minister!

I’d love to hear from you!


Dr. Shannon Rains
Assistant Professor of Children’s Ministry

Our ministry majors take courses that prepare them to study Scripture and engage culture through a foundation in church history and theology.

What will I be prepared to do when I graduate?

Foster Spiritual Growth

for myself and others through a commitment to study and prayer.

Coordinate Programs

such as children’s education ministry, vacation Bible school, and parenting workshops.

Lead Confidently

with the communication and people skills we teach you. 

Provide Pastoral Care

to children and adults as they encounter life challenges.

What Your Courses will Focus On

Foundations of Children, Youth and Family Ministry(CFM 2311)

Introduces students to the world of children, youth and family ministry and contemporary influences on, and ways to approach, ever-changing youth culture.

Practice of Children and Family Ministry (CFM 2326) 

Explores pragmatic side of ministry to children and their families by considering strategic issues of program management, faith development in children, ministry to self, and other issues leading to the development of effective ministers to children and their families.

Children's Spiritual Formation (CFM 3301)

Study and consideration of the spiritual formation of children in light of theological, psychological, sociological, and cultural realities. Considers attention to diversity and children with special needs, inter-generational ministry, equipping parents, and age-appropriate spiritual disciplines.

Methods for Children's Spiritual Formation (CFM 3302)

Development of skills necessary to choose and implement programs and curriculum, develop teaching strategies to support spiritual formation of children within the church and home, and equip volunteers.

Practicum (CFM 4090) 

Supervised internship in student area of ministry, culminating in a final, written report. Recommended for summer completion with fall enrollment. F

Alumni Spotlight

Heather Cannon

Children’s Minister, Castle Hills Christian Church, San Antonio, TX

I graduated with a BA in Youth and Family Ministry and a Minor in Children's Ministry. I loved my time there! Not only did my classes prepare me for my current career as a Children's/Engagement Minister, I built lasting relationships with my professors and classmates whom I know I can lean on.

Vince Nieves

Children’s Minister, Belton Church of Christ, Belton TX

My time at LCU is best defined by the relationships I made while in the program. The content of the classes were excellent and made the relationships with friends and professors even more meaningful and long lasting. 

Laura Kate Yarbrough

Children’s Minister, University Avenue Church of Christ, Austin, TX

LCU was essential in nurturing my ministry and spiritual life. The classwork was challenging and foundation building, and the professors were encouraging and honest. I couldn’t have asked for a better education and alma mater because learning didn't end when I graduated. LCU kickstarted my ministry and has continued to offer support for years after graduation.

Want more information on our children's ministry degree?

Visit the University Catalog here to view this and other courses making up Biblical Studies degree plans.

Are you called to children’s ministry?

  • Do you have a passion for children and their families to know Christ?
  • Does working with a church or organization that focuses on children’s spiritual and physical needs excite you?
  • Do you want to change the world by advocating for children challenged by contemporary culture?