Lubbock Christian University

Internship Job Fair

Join 40+ churches, para-church ministries, and service organizations at the Lubbock Christian University Ministry Intern Fair:

Monday, November 6, 2023
8:15 AM – 1:00 PM
Baker Conference Center

How does this work?

  1. Ministers will submit their information and job description at least two weeks before the fair.
  2. Utilizing our online system, students will sign-up to interview with you. Most student sign-ups occur 3-10 days before the job fair.
  3. Review the student resumés once they are available.
  4. Come to campus and participate in 30-minute interview slots.
  5. Can’t come to campus? Review the resumés and reach out to students who fit your job description. Personally schedule a time to meet with these students online or by phone.

What if students don’t sign-up for my internship?

We encourage our students to sign-up early for interview slots. Often, they are unsure of the process or limit themselves from positions. David Fraze and Shannon Rains will connect additional students to ministers throughout the day during the fair. 

Who are the students that sign-up?

We encourage every Bible major to interview with churches. We also advertise the fair to our ministry minors and other interested students.

What to bring:

  1. You and members of your team.
  2. Copies of your job description.
  3. Any other items that you want to share with students. (Hint: you get more interviews if you have candy.)

Our philosophy of internships is simple: We want our students paired with those who will mentor, model, and provide opportunities for growth and challenge. Therefore, we hold our students to the highest character and work ethic standards. We request our partnering church, para-church and service organizations to embrace the same level of expectation. We stand ready to work with you before, during, and after the placement of student interns.

Minister Registration opens in August • Student Registration opens October 1

Minister Registration

Fill out this form to register for the intership fair.

Internship Fair Listings

View all the people coming to the intership fair or wanting to interview you remotely.

LCU Student Signup

The signup form can only be open for 15 minutes at a time for being able to reserve spots correctly.  Please have your basic info, resume ready to upload, and a list of ministers you want to choose from when you access the signup.

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