Lubbock Christian University
Dr. Cary teaches a bible class at LCU.

Academics at LCU - Great Colleges to Work For

Lubbock Christian University was featured on the honor roll of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s list of Great Colleges to Work For (GCWF) for 10 categories in 2018.

Each of the categories for which LCU was recognized positively impact the university and its students differently, while overall also incorporating the theme of LCU's mission statement: to be "a Christ-centered, academic community of learners, transforming the hearts, minds, and hands of students for lives of purpose and service."

For instance, three of the categories in which LCU was recognized focus strongly on the academic aspect of campus, specifically the faculty: Supervisor/Department Chair Relationship, Teaching Environment, and Tenure Clarity and Process.

“Teaching at LCU brings such joy to my life,” said Philip Camp, director of choral activities and professor of music at LCU. “Not only are the students terrific, but my colleagues are truly people of grace—quick to forgive mistakes, and always offering assistance. The collegiality at LCU is truly unsurpassed, from the administration, to the faculty, to the full or part-time staff.”

Because of the university's mission, classrooms at LCU are designed to be personal and impactful for the students. LCU has a 13:1 student to faculty ratio. Classes range in size with specialized classes in each major allowing for more one-on-one teaching. This also allows students to form deeper, more personal relationships with their professors. The goal: to change lives.

“I remind my students that LCU will change their lives,” said Gonzalo Ramirez, professor of education. “LCU continues to change my life by surrounding me with great students and colleagues.”

LCU has an atmosphere that heavily features relationships. The faculty work together with their colleagues on materials, research, writing, and more. A more recent example of this unity is in the teamwork exhibited by the learning scholars for the quality enhancement program (QEP) at LCU. Professors from the humanities, mathematics, Bible, and library departments came together to learn about encouraging growth mindsets in their classrooms.

What's more, the faculty at LCU is passionate about the impact they have in their classrooms.

“The graduate counseling program staff and faculty are passionate about the departmental mission to train ethical and spiritual mental health professionals,” said Erin Aaron, accreditation and compliance coordinator for graduate behavioral sciences. “The members of this department daily display love for students as they walk alongside students in their educational journey, watching them grow and mature into community servants.”

The passion of the LCU faculty extends beyond the classroom as well. They have a passion for people and a passion for ministry. Many professors dedicate extra time to help students with undergraduate research or to meet one-on-one with students who may be struggling in their classrooms. Professors at LCU also try to make themselves available and accessible which is key to the transformative academic experience LCU offers.

"If you have a great idea and are willing to support it with your time and energy, then you are free to implement it," said Jana Anderson, assistant professor of English. "You don't have to jump through a thousand hoops; our employer and our colleagues trust us and encourage us to do our best and actively pursue the next best opportunity.

I am passionate about my students and the ministry and calling of teaching, and as a professor, I am supported by my department chair and my dean who encourage us to pursue excellence in teaching and excellence in research and writing.

I love my colleagues, and I especially appreciate the relationships that are formed within my department and with students, staff, and faculty in other departments. Working with colleagues all across campus is a real pleasure, and not one I will ever take for granted."