Lubbock Christian University

Chap Preview Day Welcomes Record Number of Guests to Campus

Lubbock Christian University welcomed potential students and their families to campus Monday morning for the first Chap Preview Day of the year with a record number of attendees, despite the rescheduling necessitated by the recent winter storm.

“The first Chap Preview Day of 2021 was a historical day on our campus with a record number of guests—177 students and 171 parents—visiting LCU. That’s twice as many students as our previous record of 89 students in February 2019!” shared Lisa Shacklett, Vice President of Enrollment Management.

The revamped college visit day is designed to give prospective LCU students and their families not only the opportunity to experience what life on LCU’s campus looks like in person, but also to help them connect with other potential classmates, professors, and campus mentors. Students, who were personally welcomed to campus by President Scott McDowell, have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with professors, learn more about different programs of study, complete applications and registrations, and even attend a college class.

“I really liked getting to interact with the other upcoming/prospective students,” said one attending future chap. “I made a couple of new friends who are also signed for athletics next year, and it was a different kind of experience getting to see everything knowing that I’m going there 100% instead of as a recruiting sort of thing.”

“It was an excellent experience!” shared another. “Above all else, I was amazed with the professors’ passion and drive about their students. Right now, that is the primary factor driving me to LCU.”

One parent of a student visiting Lubbock all the way from Tennessee shared on social media, “Ya’ll, Lubbock, Texas is a long way away, but we were very impressed with Lubbock Christian University. I think more and more folks from Tennessee are about to have their eyes open to this hidden gem in west Texas.”

“I’m so proud of Dr. Jody Reding and the Admission team for tirelessly promoting the event in new ways, and their efforts paid off,” Shacklett continued. “The Chap Day experience was reimagined, and our guests enjoyed learning about LCU in the ‘How Blue Are You?’ game show, campus tour, and Student Life Fair. The LCU community graciously supported our requests for assistance and adapted to the changes, and together we celebrate this day and the future of LCU.”

LCU has two additional Chap Preview Days planned for the spring semester, scheduled for March 29 and April 26.

Learn more about applying to LCU, or reserving your spot at one of the upcoming Chap Preview Days.