Lubbock Christian University

Chap Radio Sports Network Adds Corporate Sponsorship

Lubbock Christian University’s (LCU) Chap Radio Sports Network is announcing Lake Ridge Chapel and Circle K as sponsors for the 2023-24 sports season. The Chap Radio Sports Network (CRSN) is a sports broadcasting program that is run and produced exclusively by students at Lubbock Christian University’s (LCU) FM radio station, 99.1 Chap Radio (KLCT-LP Lubbock, TX).

CRSN broadcasts the majority of home contests for seven LCU athletic programs, as well as various road contests and postseason games throughout each program’s season. CRSN is the only student-run sports broadcasting program in the Lone Star Conference that provides year-round coverage of their university’s major sports via radio broadcasts. Since the program’s inception in 2022, CRSN has conducted over 75 sports broadcasts and has regularly grown their student involvement in the program.

Lake Ridge Chapel and Circle K, two Lubbock businesses who are also LCU Community Partners, have come alongside CRSN to offer their sponsorship and support. Lake Ridge Chapel has extended their exclusive corporate sponsorship of CRSN through 2026 and Circle K has signed on for 2023-24 as the sponsor of select stats for each broadcast. Lisa Fraze, Director of Alumni Relations for LCU, commented, “Our LCU community partners always step up and support our students. We are thankful for Lake Ridge Chapel and Circle K for seeing the hard work of our students and finding unique ways to enhance their experience as a student.”

Santos Moreno of Lake Ridge Chapel, shared, “It’s a passion of mine and Valerie's to give to the community and to support the community. It is our intent to bless as many people as we can.”

Brennan Riker is the LCU student who had the vision to start CRSN. Challenged by Dr. Shawn Hughes, professor of communication, Riker jumped at the idea of piloting a student sports broadcasting program for Chap Radio. He rallied a few classmates and by the end of January 2022 they called their first contest. CRSN now has a full team of students who together manage training, scheduling, calling events, and supporting Chap athletics.

Riker said, “Since the start of the Chap Radio Sports Network, it has been my goal to put our students first and ensure they have the unique opportunity to learn and develop real life skills applicable to sports media while getting a front row seat to some of the best competition in collegiate athletics. It has also been my goal to have the university and athletic department rally behind our students. Lubbock Christian University and LCU Athletics has done just that, and our appreciation goes out to everyone who has worked hard to promote and celebrate the Chap Radio Sports Network and its impact on LCU."

Tabitha Velasquez, Regional Operations Manager for Circle K, shared, “Circle K is very excited to partner with Lubbock Christian University. We love being involved in our community, working side by side with our neighbors. We are fortunate to live in such a vibrant, hardworking community and always want to support the people that consistently support us. We have seen LCU be very involved as well and feel this will be a strong partnership in helping the people of Lubbock grow and succeed in all that they do!”

In response to the support, Riker stated, “We are very excited and blessed to have Lake Ridge Chapel & Memorial Designers extend their corporate sponsorship with the Chap Radio Sports Network. They saw something special in us, and they have paved the way to allow our program to grow and thrive in ways that weren't possible before—I cannot thank Santos and Valerie Moreno enough for that.”

“We are also thrilled to have Circle K as our sponsor,” Riker continued. “I was very pleased to see Circle K and Tabitha Velasquez's desire to support our program, and their contributions will further impact our ability to broadcast LCU athletic events and promote our program.”

Raymond Richardson, Vice President for University Advancement, stated, “Our student’s success is dependent on support, and Lake Ridge Chapel and Circle K stepped up to the plate to make a significant difference in the lives of our students at Lubbock Christian University. We are always grateful when the Lubbock community backs our students and makes pathways possible for them to dream and do big things!”

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