Lubbock Christian University
Dr. Kirt Martin instructing students in the LCU greenhouse

Community at LCU - Great Colleges to Work For

Lubbock Christian University was featured on the honor roll of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s list of <LINK _blank>Great Colleges to Work For (GCWF)</link> for 10 categories in 2018.

Each of the categories for which LCU was recognized positively impact the university and its students differently, while overall also incorporating the theme of LCU's mission statement: to be "a Christ-centered, academic community of learners, transforming the hearts, minds, and hands of students for lives of purpose and service."

For instance, three of the categories in which LCU was recognized highlight the emotional benefits of working at the university: Job Satisfaction, Respect and Appreciation, Workspace, and Security, and Work/Life Balance.

“LCU is an incredible environment in which to work,” said Bobby Hooten, web content manager. “As a father and husband, stress is a part of daily life, but the culture here really fosters and emphasizes emotional care and well-being. Things like the opportunity to go to chapel and worship each day, the deep, personal relationships with my colleagues and students, and the sheer number of resources available to me really ensure that I’m taken care of not just financially, but holistically as an employee.”

Many students cite that the moment they walk on campus, whether it be for a tour, registration, or the first day of classes, they sense the welcoming atmosphere. That atmosphere is pervasive in the classroom, at university events, and in the offices and ties into the transformative experience at LCU.

Each department works to promote and share that transformative experience in different ways: facilities, financial assistance, admissions, public relations – even dining services.

“I am most passionate about enriching and nourishing the life's of or students at LCU through the food we provide and the environment in which community takes place,” said Salvador Aguirre, director of dining services. “The most joy comes to me when I see the eyes of our student light up with what they are eating or when we introduce new concepts, spaces, and special meals.”

Other aspects of the environment are just as important for the emotional wellness of the faculty, staff, and students: respect, empowerment, security, and trust. Innovation is encouraged, especially when it extends beyond the bounds of campus – being an effectively transformative university also means allowing for transformation and growth within the organization.

“I am grateful that at LCU we are encouraged to create unique experiences for our students,” said Kathy Crockett, professor of business. “I like that I am trusted to develop learning opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom teaching.”

At LCU, both successes and failures are met with encouragement. Each individual is valued for their contributions. And the ramifications of being a community extend from the academic and work environment on campus into the lives and homes and actions of each individual who is transformed in their time at the university.

The LCU community works like a team. But more than that, it’s a family that loves with the love of the Lord.

“My particular position allows me to work with students, staff, and faculty toward academic success,” said Bill Kopf, director of distance learning When I am successful it is evident. When I am not successful, I am not castigated, but encouraged. Within any successful organization lies opportunities for individuals to see themselves as a peer. 

At LCU, I can have a personal sense of value and deservedness, and I can assert myself as an equal in personal and academic relationships. It is easy to know boundaries and what is valued. I don’t need external validation to prove my value — instead, the LCU culture complements what I believe to be right and wrong.

From seeing my efforts and dreams realized to the frequent positive affirmation received, I can see that LCU does not try to dictate a culture, but create a community that defines the culture.”

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