Lubbock Christian University
two female students posing with gift bags

Incoming LCU Freshmen “Adopted” by Faculty and Staff

From cancelled graduation ceremonies to early-endings to competitive seasons, 2020 has been a hard year for graduating seniors—both in high school and college. Lubbock Christian University wanted to give an extra warm welcome to those students who have chosen to attend LCU in the fall.

Terri Warren, Director of Events at LCU, had the idea to match LCU staff and faculty volunteers with individual local graduating seniors who have committed to LCU, “adopting” them in an effort to help ease the frustrations and grief many have been feeling.

“We want to let them know how excited we are for them to come to campus this fall,” explained Warren—and the response was powerful. “Within two days we had every one of our high school seniors matched.”

Faculty and staff have been asked to send their student a letter or card, or to drop off a gift basket at their door filled with snacks, LCU gear, balloons, or whatever their imagination (and budget) could afford.

"What a cool idea!” shared Cheri Liess, the parent of an incoming student, Taelor, from Abernathy. “How very kind of LCU and the amazing people there to offer to so this. I know that Taelor’s best and brightest days are ahead of her, we just weren’t quite ready to jump into them without completing the normal stuff now!"

Another parent said, “A big thank you for doing this act of kindness for all the seniors coming your way. It is a blessing to have any gestures sent his way since he and all the other seniors are missing out on so much during this pandemic.”

“Most are going to try and do something at least once a week,” Warren explained. “It could be as easy as mailing a card to them—we want to keep doing it at least through graduation. This is really the perfect opportunity to connect with some of our students even before they arrive.”