Lubbock Christian University

LCU Engages and Serves Lubbock Community through “LCU for LBK”

Lubbock Christian University students, staff, and faculty gathered across the city of Lubbock in mid-April to serve the local community through a variety of service projects. The effort was spearheaded by LCU Student Life, who partnered with the Volunteer Center of Lubbock and LCU’s 2020 Community Partner of the Year, United Supermarkets to make the event a reality.

“We had over 200 students, staff, and faculty signed up to serve,” explained Kecia Jackson, Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator. “We have had a student service initiative called Collide in the past, but we wanted this to be a campus-wide initiative where everyone knew they had a part in serving.”

A committee made up of faculty in various departments, staff from Student Life, Facilities, and MarCom, and student leaders met weekly to cement plans for the event and encourage participation.

Members of the LCU community served at the GRUB Farm, Guadalupe-Parkway Sommerville Centers, Boys and Girls Club, South Plains Food Bank, High Point Village, Caleb’s Closet, Habitat for Humanity Restore, and made bags for Meals on Wheels and Catholic Charities in the Baker. Another group also picked up trash throughout campus. Three additional locations were slotted for the project, but inclement weather caused those volunteers to need to reroute to assist with other opportunities.

“The LCU mission states that our desire is to transform hearts, minds, and hands for lives of purpose and service,” shared Jackson. “That begins when they are on our campus. We want them to connect with service opportunities that utilize their gifts and talents. Hopefully through serving, they can see the value in pouring back into a community that is pouring into them. Establishing community engagement makes the whole community thrive, and it’s also a great way to build relationships with each other, taking the focus off ourselves and onto something that is much bigger.” 

“While it is one of the craziest times of year, it was encouraging to see students pause from their responsibilities to be a part of such a special day,” she added. “There was a tangible joy to the event that I think gave them the energy they needed to keep pressing on in their own lives.”

Student Life worked with the Volunteer Center of Lubbock with help from Riley Taguwa, Melissa Crooks, and Sharon Bass, who played significant roles in organizing the day and communicating with the service partners. United Supermarkets also partnered with the initiative with planning assistance, and they also provided t-shirts for participants.

“My prayers is that this is just the beginning of a beautiful tradition that inspires love and service to those around us.”

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