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LCU Receives Significant Grant for Undergraduate Research

Lubbock Christian University’s (LCU’s) Rhodes Family Institute for Undergraduate Research has received a very generous two-year grant from The CH Foundation to provide scholarships for students who participate in undergraduate research.

The students who participate in undergraduate research and who receive the scholarship will be referred to as Christine DeVitt Undergraduate Research Scholars. This endowment will benefit LCU student scholars in perpetuity. 

LCU’s Director of Undergraduate Research Dr. Kenneth Hawley said, “The CH Foundation’s investment in the Institute for Undergraduate Research will support the growth and expansion of this work that is so vital to the life of the university, as students and faculty engage in scholarly inquiry and interdisciplinary discovery.”

In 2015, LCU was named to the Council on Undergraduate Research’s honor roll of academic institutions who are “Leading the Way” in undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activities. Talented cohorts of LCU students representing a variety of academic disciplines have been invited to attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research for the past ten years. 

The Rhodes Family Institute was founded in 2016 to initiate, support, and promote undergraduate research projects within and across disciplines, contributing to the academic life of the university by encouraging mentoring opportunities for faculty and students. It coordinates in an official capacity what has been happening over the course of many years, as the faculty at LCU have developed a culture of interdisciplinary research among undergraduate students, mentoring young scholars in both original student projects and ongoing faculty research.  

Dr. Hawley said, “Whether studying the pathogenic levels and transmission potential of migrating Canada Geese, measuring the effects of wastewater in area lakes, or considering the historical and contemporary implications of the rhetorical strategies used by the Eugenics Movement, our students are exploring the complex and dynamic relationships at work in nature, society, and culture. This generous grant will enrich the undergraduate experience, prepare students for continued education in graduate school, and equip them for careers in a diverse range of fields and areas.”

Learn more about Undergraduate Research at LCU, visit our webpage.